You have any old expired disposable cameras you found while cleaning? Maybe you got one to make a slave flash or taser, what to do with the rest of it? Since you have to take apart the camera to get the flash out, why not make a cheap macro lens that takes great pictures!

Here is how to get a great macro lens in five easy steps! (one of them's looking at cool pictures)

Step 1: Supplies

You will need a disposable camera, screwdriver, and something to make the lens stick like double sided tape or the stuff I found that makes stuff tacky. 
<p>My favorite photo here is the metal thing (is it a ring?). It's shape is pleasingly abstract. :)</p><p>Just did this very recently for my cell, and it was incredibly fun! I fashioned mine in a very crude manner: rubber band and hot glue. It seems to work though.</p>
<p>I should be clearer: not the screw driver end, the metal that seems to make a sort of rosette.</p>

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