Picture of Cellphone Macro Photography Rig
Ever find yourself in a position where you need to read some microscopic print, examine a strip of undeveloped film for clues, or get a real close look at a fingerprint ? Boy, I sure do !

Sadly, since I lack a nice DSLR with a macro lens, I have had to find other ways to make extreme closeups a reality using just a few basic products, a cellphone with a camera, and an ordinary lens from a busted camera of any sort.

Behold ! The MacGyver Macro-Rig !

Step 1: What You'll need, more or less.

Picture of What You'll need, more or less.
To build the rig as I have, you'll need a few basic things.

A cellphone capable of taking pictures.
A lens from a broken or otherwise useless camera
Duct tape
Four rulers, or something similar
Eight large binder clips
A few sticks of gum - preferably Doublemint.
Four large paperclips
Four smaller binder clips
White paper
A moveable lightsource

No tools required.