Picture of Cellphone Macro Photography Rig
Ever find yourself in a position where you need to read some microscopic print, examine a strip of undeveloped film for clues, or get a real close look at a fingerprint ? Boy, I sure do !

Sadly, since I lack a nice DSLR with a macro lens, I have had to find other ways to make extreme closeups a reality using just a few basic products, a cellphone with a camera, and an ordinary lens from a busted camera of any sort.

Behold ! The MacGyver Macro-Rig !
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Step 1: What You'll need, more or less.

Picture of What You'll need, more or less.
To build the rig as I have, you'll need a few basic things.

A cellphone capable of taking pictures.
A lens from a broken or otherwise useless camera
Duct tape
Four rulers, or something similar
Eight large binder clips
A few sticks of gum - preferably Doublemint.
Four large paperclips
Four smaller binder clips
White paper
A moveable lightsource

No tools required.

Step 2: Attach camera lens to phone

Picture of Attach camera lens to phone
First thing you'll want to do is make sure your lenses are fairly clean, then flip the phone such that its internal lens is facing up, then center and attach the camera lens to it with duct tape. Make sure its on there securely, and that no light can peek between it and the phone. 

Step 3: Add rail guides.

Picture of Add rail guides.
Fashion rail guides from the large paperclips as shown above, then duct tape them to the bottom of the phone.

Step 4: Assemble rails

Picture of Assemble rails
Assemble your rails by attaching a large binder clip to the bottom of each of the four rulers, slide the phone down them so that they will be aligned properly. Extend the arms of the binder clips down so that the ones on the outside serve as support. duct tape the ones beneath the phone together, then duct tape those to whatever table you are working on.