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Step 1: Component Required

Component Required:

IC1 - MT8870 DTMF decoder
IC2 - ATmega16 AVR microcontroller
IC3 - L293D motor driver
IC4 - 74LS04 NOT gate
D1 - 1N4007 rectifier diode
R1, R2 - 100-kilo-ohm
R3 - 330-kilo-ohm
R4-R8 - 10-kilo-ohm
C1 - 0.47μF ceramic disk
C2, C3, C5, C6 - 22pF ceramic disk
C4 - 0.1μF ceramic disk
XTAL1 - 3.57MHz crystal
XTAL2 - 12MHz crystal
S1 - Push-to-on switch
M1, M2 - 6V, 50-rpm geared DC motor
Batt. - 6V, 4.5Ah battery
Will this work with a 4*4 matrix keypad which produces same frequencies that mobile produces.
<p>no a 4*4 is multiplexed or at least normally and does not give high&amp;low outputs</p>
<p>I&rsquo;m working on a project which is about making a rescue <br>robot . I have struggling with it for 4 months and now all the mechanical works <br>had been done . but I&rsquo;m facing difficulty in make the robot to work with rf <br>module can u plzz help me&hellip;</p><p>I want make transmitter and receiver that can control the <br>motion&hellip;I mean that receiver should have control 8 dc gear motor and each dc <br>motor should have a forward and backward botton to control the motion &hellip;&hellip;can u <br>kindly help me with this project &hellip;.if u can make the circuit board diagram for <br>the PCB &hellip;.or any other suggestion plz reply&hellip;&hellip;mail me at &ldquo;sunny1995gagan@gmail.com&rdquo;</p>
<p>google ht12d and ht12e. it will give you the basic knowledge about using rf easily but why rf??? it has a tiny (teeeny weeny) range of only 50-100 meters.</p>
<p>yaar any body has the program &amp; p.c.b layout of this project plz send me on abhibhadula1992@gmail.com plzz urgent help</p>
<p>you can make it without microcontroller if you donot wanna burden yourself with the program. connect outputs deirectly to the l293d inputs. it gives the outputs as a high or low so that your project would work</p>
<p>can an iPhone work as a receiver ?</p>
<p>yes i-phone is a phone is it not????</p><p>sry steve jobs</p>
<p>can an iPhone work as a receiver ?</p>
Where i can buy Motor M1 and M2 in india . plz reply ...
Where i can buy Motor M1 and M2 in india . plz reply ...
Where i can buy Motor M1 and M2 in india . plz reply ...
how to connect ear phone with it???which wire we should give to the input dtmf decoder ... and which should be grounded????
tip=tone and ring=GND <br><br>tip to green wire from jack and black to GND from Jack to connect ear phone done :)
<p>do you have c language program for this project?</p>
<p>What are the components and circuit required to the this same project with atmega8 microcontroller??? </p>
<p>Was this Atmega 16 used SPI or Uart for communicatn with DTMF</p>
thanku for the project i question sir, will this microcontroller n devlopment board do it-<br> 1) http://www.ebay.in/itm/Buy-Atmega168-IC-Arduino-Duemilanove-Boot-loader-WDT-16Mhz-Version-/261240783294?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&amp;hash=item3cd32a01be#ht_1304wt_906<br> <br> 2)http://www.ebay.in/itm/New-Atmel-AVR-28-Development-Board-projects-Microcontroller-not-included-/261240967992?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&amp;hash=item3cd32cd338#ht_1129wt_906
hey buddy <br>well thanks <br>where did u got the wheels about 1/2&quot; thick??? <br>how should i increase it's speed???
http://thehobbyshop.in/index.php?main_page=index&amp;cPath=43_45 <br> <br>please suggest me the components required.
So it means it will work....
i want to make this robot, can u please guide me in detail.? <br>
can you tell me how to interface serial ttl gsm modem with dtmf decoder instant of cell phone
any one would be kind enough to help me with designing a obstacle detector with this cell phone operated robot would be a big help
can get the coding for my last project , please
https://www.instructables.com/id/Cellphone-Operated-Robot-1/step4/SOFTWARE-DESCRIPTION-AND-WORKING/ <br> <br>you can download <br>
which cell phone model i can use sir?.how to know a cell phone is working with DTMF or not?
only nokia old ! <br> <br>samsung not working !
Sir, Good day, I'm going to ask if where do i put the separate voltage for the MT8870 decoder IC? and can you please guide me in how to mount the earplug to the circuit?
are u use voltage regulator and why u use it......and where.....
only 6v !
can i use 80v51 RD2 OR 8051 MICROCONTROLLER ?????<br>withe same code???<br>
Same no !
sir how did u connect the mt8870 DTMF to not gate and to atmega 16?..
can u please tell me what would be total cost of project (cost of components) in rupees
Rs.500-1000/- low price ! ! :)
how to burn the atmega 16<br>
AVR ISP programmer burn !!!! Yes !
really nice project dude................
how to identify Ring &amp; Tip in Ear Phones???? and can v use any mobilephone @ robot end!!!<br>
interesting stuff
did you use ceramic capacitor of &quot;0.47micro farate&quot; ??. I have used electrolytic but circuit is not working.<br>plz rply soon..............
i dot think u would get a electrolyte capacitor of 0.47uf thats impossible<br>u can get a ceramic capacitor of 0.47uf
the motor is running as soon as i put da battery..da driver is not listening to the mc..wat to do??<br>
great job, but you should post some pictures of the actual building process and maybe a video of it operating

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