Hello everybody i am new to instructables, this is my first project, pl. do comment if you have any query and if you like my work.

(Forgive me if there is any spelling mistakes.)

Today i am going to teach you how to make a USB charger for your cellphone to charge in your car or on your PC or Laptop...

Step 1: Materials Required and opening up the charger.

Materials Required: 1 x old usb Cable, 1 x old cellphone charger which is not working(because we just need the pin of from that), and 1 x Multi charger junction.

Pl. follow the following steps to make it work..

Step 1) First of all break open the old cellphone charger, and desolder the two wires from the circuit board which goes to the charger pin.
Simple & useful !
thank u Mr. ajoyraman
Welcome and thank you for your Instructable. Since it is your first, I would make two suggestions. One is to make sharply focused photos. I do not know if that means you need a different camera or if you need to learn how to use the macro (close-up) feature on your camera. The other is to use Google or another search engine to check your spelling. Enter the word as you think it may be spelled. The search results will say, "Did you mean?" and give you the correct spelling.
@Phil B: Sorry for quality of photos, actually i have taken these from my cellphone and my camera is broken down, then too i will post a more HQ photos in my next Instructable as i am going to buy a new one this Diwali. <br> <br>And thanks for your advice and comment...
I appreciate your Instructable and hope you will make many more.
Thank you for your appreciation, Mr: Phil B

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