Picture of Cellphone operated Robot
Conventionally, Wireless-controlled robots use rf circuits, which have the drawbacks of limited working range, limited frequency range and the limited control. Use of a mobile phone for robotic control can overcome these limitations. It provides the advantage of robust control, working range as large as the coverage area of the service provider, no interference with other controllers and up to twelve controlles.
Although the appearance and the capabilities of robots vary vastly, all robots share the feature of a mechanical, movable structure under some form of control. The Control of robot involves three distinct phases: perception, processing and action. Generally, the preceptors are sensors mounted on the robot , processing is done by the on-board microcontroller or processor, and the task is perfomed using motors or with some other actuators.

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In this project the robot, is controlled by a mobile phone that makes call to the mobile phone attached to the robot in the course of the call, if any button is pressed control corresponding to the button pressed is heard at the other end of the call. This tone is called  dual tone multi frequency tome (DTMF) robot receives this DTMF tone with the help of phone stacked in the robot
The received tone is processed by the atmega16 microcontroller with the help of DTMF decoder MT8870 the decoder decodes the DTMF tone in to its equivalent binary digit and this binary number is send to the microcontroller, the microcontroller is preprogrammed to take a decision for any give input and outputs its decision to motor drivers in order to drive the motors for forward or backward motion or a turn.
The mobile that makes a call to the mobile phone stacked in the robot acts as a remote. So this simple robotic project does not require the construction ofreceiver and transmitter units.
DTMF signaling is used for telephone signaling over the line in the voice  frequency band to the call switching center. The version of DTMF used for telephone dialing is known as touch tone.
DTMF assigns a specific frequency (consisting of two separate tones) to each key s that it can easily be identified by the electronic circuit. The signal generated by the DTMF encoder is the direct al-gebric submission, in real time of the amplitudes of two sine(cosine) waves of different frequencies, i.e. ,pressing 5 will send a tone made by adding 1336hz and 770hz to the other end of the mobile. The tones and assignments in a dtmf system shown below
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Nandhue14 days ago

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Hello sir,

i m diploma student,and i m interested to make this cellphone operated robotic, so pls give me idea on my email id. (manish.rajput808@gmail.com)

Can u halp me the full circuit description this circuit so i can work on it.

I have to make an project for science exhibition. SO i want to know the circute diagram. And want to know that is it really working.

Where will i get the required parts????

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I am from Vietnam, and work in my father's farm. I do not have much knowledge in electronic, program. Pls, help me to access to technology because I am using motor to pump water from well-water to the coffee plantation which is far away from it. I hope you can help me in how to build the device to control via mobile. If you want to make a business with me about applying technology to agriculture, we can set up via mail: trongtin2389@gmail.com


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cherry9028 months ago
Can u mail me source code for this sir... Saicharitha.kalva@gmail.com
riya.cyril.711 months ago

can you please send me the program code in arduino environment????

deversh1 year ago

hi , i m using an atmega16 microcontroller for my dtmf operated car. i have used 4 motors. i cannot get my code right . please help me with the code if possible


Can't understand anything

Can you make it more simple for me to understand!!!!!!!!

234asdf1 year ago

sir ,pls email me source code at manish.kumar7876@yahoo.com

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Ayush272 years ago
it has provided with a sleek idea for my bot...
mamzar2 years ago
im very interested in GMS or DTMF projects
i want to learn it
could u please mail me a soft copy of your project along with circuits and datasheet ?
thankyou so much in advance and im waiting for your reply
rani19932 years ago

i am working on this same project......

i use ATMEGA16 controller ic.

my problem is that the controller's port-D is connected to motor driver ic-L293D. But i don't get the output from port-D thus i don't give the output signal to both DC motors. So what is problem in my circuit??????

please give me some answer as possible........
aaaooo602 years ago
can you tell in depth that why you use ic4 cd7004 in this robot.
PICHIRS2 years ago
sir, when i connect the circuit to power supply the robot moves forward although the tip and ring is not connected to mobile phone.can u suggest me where the problem is???????????
mendojoel2 years ago
There is a thyristor seen in your circuit, why is it not mentioned in your circuit diagram? I also would like to know which file should i burn in my ATMEGA16 and the best possible way....Thanks :)
papo21102 years ago
can i purchas the board already made from you and how mych
jay8son2 years ago
Can I use Programmable IC in this project? and can I use a 3g cellphone and I will use 3G video calling so that it will have a camera integrated the landrover it? reply soon. I need your help. thanks.
jay8son2 years ago
Can I use Programmable IC in this project? and can I use a 3g cellphone and I will use 3G video calling so that it will have a camera integrated the landrover it?
vikas2045 years ago
hey can u tell what type this hansfree is this. i have asked about this in market but no one knows about this. can u suggest me some way. rplyy soon
jus call the mobile which is connected to project and then control wirelessly.
note: mobile should be on self answering mode
hiii can u send me da abstract of this project plz
its a mobile controllable wired or wireless robot. generally it works on the frequency variation concept.
psingh373 years ago
sir, can u pls send me the report on DTMF based robot control . my email id is
psingh373 years ago
sir, can u pls send me the report on DTMF BASED ROBOT CONTROL .
king20113 years ago
very good great job i have more than idea about this
dakudiv3 years ago
Very nicely compiled explanation. People looking for Code for decoding DTMF using Arduino ,can refer to this link here
Our team used Microcontroller Project board from Embedded For You magazine @ AET Design Lab.
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plz send the soft copy to satishbabusaka06@gmail.com
satishsaka3 years ago
sir can u send a softy copy to this mail : satishbabusaka06@gmail.com
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i am interested in making mobile controlled robot, can u please send
me the steps and the things to use in making robot...
my email is (y.c.lim_chaw823@hotmail.com)..

Hope to get your reply soon...Thank you..
pls help... i have made this cicuit the problem i am facing is i am not getting o\p from dtmf decoder IC i m stuck in this thing from past 1month previously it was working absolutely fine..pls help any1
thankyou for the detailed description. i'm obliged. thanks again
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...I am very interested to launch this project.....I work with PIC 18f452....can I build it using this ? Plz help me with ur advice....mail me : saurov1159@yahoo.com
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Can u provide .hex file for Atmega32A & program That can buid in Avrstudio4 our emai is finalpro21b@gmail.com
can u provide ur email?
sir can u send me a soft copy to this mail
yadav3663663 years ago
if i will use microcontroller 8051, instead of using ATMEGA16.is there any problem in programme or circuit?
hans lal3 years ago
if i will use microcontroller 8051, instead of using ATMEGA16.is there any problem because i have made the circuit using 8051 microcontroller of land rover project.?
iam interested in making mobile controled robot,so can u please send
me the steps and the things to use in making robo.please se ti to my
email (manikantak136@gmail.com)
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