Step 3: Software Description (the Hex Code)

the Avr microcontroller is programmed using WIN AVR
for beginners have a look at this instructable first


this is the way to pogram the avratmega 16
look at the pin diagram of atmega16 and then connect the pins acordingly (if u have any problem then feel free to write me)
i have attached the full code. The header file will be included automatically if u have installed the winavr in default location
<p>can you provide the c code for this? aman.goyal2206@gmail.com</p>
<p>please send me the c code to dump in the microcontroller </p>
I am interested in this project plz send me project code at my email kristalhifi21@gmail.com
Can u tell ma about the test point of the ckt when I will connect the one ckt in such manner plzzz
<p>sir i am engineering 4th sem student i saw dis dtmf based robotic vehicle video !!! i impresed nd i started working on dat bt dat vehicle is running it show taking instructions frm mobile phone !!! am not getting any help frm my project guide bt i want to submit before saturday sir can yu plz help me out imediately!!! plz sir</p>
<p>can you join a camera on it</p>
<p>sir, can u guide me the connections of left two motors..</p>
i need yor help,sir <br>
<p>sir,</p><p>i m very interested on ur project.i want to build it.if u help me.plz mail me your project code and some topics(tonmoyahmed306@gmail.com) </p>
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<p>I have to make an project for science exhibition. SO i want to know the circute diagram. And want to know that is it really working.</p><p>Where will i get the required parts????</p>
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Can u mail me source code for this sir... Saicharitha.kalva@gmail.com
<p>can you please send me the program code in arduino environment????</p>
<p>hi , i m using an atmega16 microcontroller for my dtmf operated car. i have used 4 motors. i cannot get my code right . please help me with the code if possible</p>
<p>Can't understand anything</p><p>Can you make it more simple for me to understand!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>sir ,pls email me source code at manish.kumar7876@yahoo.com</p>
pls email me source code at pranshu.aggarwal53@gmail.com
it has provided with a sleek idea for my bot...
hye.. <br>im very interested in GMS or DTMF projects <br>i want to learn it <br>could u please mail me a soft copy of your project along with circuits and datasheet ? <br>thankyou so much in advance and im waiting for your reply <br>
hiiiii..... <br> <br>i am working on this same project...... <br> <br>i use ATMEGA16 controller ic. <br> <br>my problem is that the controller's port-D is connected to motor driver ic-L293D. But i don't get the output from port-D thus i don't give the output signal to both DC motors. So what is problem in my circuit?????? <br> <br> <br> <br>please give me some answer as possible........
can you tell in depth that why you use ic4 cd7004 in this robot.
sir, when i connect the circuit to power supply the robot moves forward although the tip and ring is not connected to mobile phone.can u suggest me where the problem is???????????
There is a thyristor seen in your circuit, why is it not mentioned in your circuit diagram? I also would like to know which file should i burn in my ATMEGA16 and the best possible way....Thanks :) <br>
can i purchas the board already made from you and how mych
Can I use Programmable IC in this project? and can I use a 3g cellphone and I will use 3G video calling so that it will have a camera integrated the landrover it? reply soon. I need your help. thanks.
Can I use Programmable IC in this project? and can I use a 3g cellphone and I will use 3G video calling so that it will have a camera integrated the landrover it?
hey can u tell what type this hansfree is this. i have asked about this in market but no one knows about this. can u suggest me some way. rplyy soon
jus call the mobile which is connected to project and then control wirelessly. <br>note: mobile should be on self answering mode
hiii can u send me da abstract of this project plz
its a mobile controllable wired or wireless robot. generally it works on the frequency variation concept.
sir, can u pls send me the report on DTMF based robot control . my email id is <br>paurushsingh755@gmail.com
sir, can u pls send me the report on DTMF BASED ROBOT CONTROL .
very good great job i have more than idea about this
Very nicely compiled explanation. People looking for Code for decoding DTMF using Arduino ,can refer to this link <a href="http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,22.0.html" rel="nofollow">here</a>.&nbsp;<br> Our team used Microcontroller Project board from <a href="http://www.embedded4u.com" rel="nofollow">Embedded For You magazine</a> @ <a href="http://www.aet-embedtech.com" rel="nofollow">AET Design Lab</a>.
plz send the soft copy to satishbabusaka06@gmail.com
SATISHSAKA <br> sir can u send a softy copy to this mail : satishbabusaka06@gmail.com
sir, <br>i am interested in making mobile controlled robot, can u please send <br>me the steps and the things to use in making robot... <br>my email is (y.c.lim_chaw823@hotmail.com).. <br> <br>Hope to get your reply soon...Thank you..
pls help... i have made this cicuit the problem i am facing is i am not getting o\p from dtmf decoder IC i m stuck in this thing from past 1month previously it was working absolutely fine..pls help any1
thankyou for the detailed description. i'm obliged. thanks again <br>
...I am very interested to launch this project.....I work with PIC 18f452....can I build it using this ? Plz help me with ur advice....mail me : saurov1159@yahoo.com
Can u provide .hex file for Atmega32A &amp; program That can buid in Avrstudio4 our emai is finalpro21b@gmail.com <br>can u provide ur email?
sir can u send me a soft copy to this mail <br>thejeswarareddy789@gmail.com
if i will use microcontroller 8051, instead of using ATMEGA16.is there any problem in programme or circuit?
if i will use microcontroller 8051, instead of using ATMEGA16.is there any problem because i have made the circuit using 8051 microcontroller of land rover project.?
sir,<br>iam interested in making mobile controled robot,so can u please send<br>me the steps and the things to use in making robo.please se ti to my<br>email (manikantak136@gmail.com)<br>thankyou.....!

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