Step 3: Software description (the hex code)

the Avr microcontroller is programmed using WIN AVR
for beginners have a look at this instructable first


this is the way to pogram the avratmega 16
look at the pin diagram of atmega16 and then connect the pins acordingly (if u have any problem then feel free to write me)
i have attached the full code. The header file will be included automatically if u have installed the winavr in default location
deversh1 year ago

hi , i m using an atmega16 microcontroller for my dtmf operated car. i have used 4 motors. i cannot get my code right . please help me with the code if possible

rani19932 years ago

i am working on this same project......

i use ATMEGA16 controller ic.

my problem is that the controller's port-D is connected to motor driver ic-L293D. But i don't get the output from port-D thus i don't give the output signal to both DC motors. So what is problem in my circuit??????

please give me some answer as possible........
mendojoel2 years ago
There is a thyristor seen in your circuit, why is it not mentioned in your circuit diagram? I also would like to know which file should i burn in my ATMEGA16 and the best possible way....Thanks :)
papo21102 years ago
can i purchas the board already made from you and how mych
thankyou for the detailed description. i'm obliged. thanks again
kyagendra3 years ago
i have an IC of ATMEGA32
can i use your hex code of atmega16 to burn into atmega32????
shoud it work properly???
or would we have to change something in hex program
plz...... tell me sir???
ashishggct3 years ago
thanks instructables...for this awesome project discription.
it looking cool. can we control different servos from mobiles for RC PLANES
mshahzeb4 years ago
can i make programmer in home for atmega16
mshahzeb4 years ago
this is a very good project i really like it
thankss instrubles really thank u i got the source code and also my project i working..
ricchandan5 years ago
how to get the program
i may be (cell phone operated robot.zip17 KB )take this zip format program....and extract my friend......then open file in notepad ........programs are there.
 hi can anyone get me the ieee paper of this project
sonyr5 years ago
we r new beginers how can install the software in avr
kiran_ap_125 years ago
excuse me...
        what is that code purpose???  why we use that code????4 wt we r using that????
 controller needs coadin,use keil to coad..........
 coding is done for microcontroller. with the help of proper coding only, we can interface with the peripherals. u need compiler and coding device for coding. 
amrit00035 years ago
which file is to be burn on the at mega 16,     is it .HEX
nandki5 years ago
 Can i burn the hex code bundled in zip file DIRECTLY to ATmega16AVR.Will it be all right ?