Step 6: To connect the hands free with the circuit

Picture of To connect the hands free with the circuit
there are always two connections which come out of the phone,
these connections are
1. Tip
2. Ring
i'll prefer to use handsfree which have a straight jack (similar to the ones which we use in our ipods, but a thinner one)

the tip of that jack is called the "tip"
and the rest part behind the tip after a black strip is the ring So connect these two connections with the circuit and you will be done
vikas2045 years ago
hey can u tell what type this hansfree is this. i have asked about this in market but no one knows about this. can u suggest me some way. rplyy soon
this one is not working for me i havnt placed 22pF capacitors at the oscillators end(is that very necessary) i tried to measure the voltage of the the singnal from the mobile jack it reads nothing even nothing in mv (is this a casual thing to every one???) i used nokia 2626 for this my mobiles jack has two wires one the mic's and other is the speaker's am i right?? each wire has another two wires with some sort of insulation seperating both of them one set has a red wire+a gold coloured wire another set has a green wire+gold coloured wire which one to use and how
i have make the robot and work fine but when i press 2 the both motors will start at same time when press 4both will of i will cheak all the conection it will also fine. can it is possible i have mistak in programing i will only burn the .HEX file into ATMEGA16 can it right. if yes what is another problem please help me
vasu10126 years ago
i have a motorla l6 phone with me and i'm planning to use that in the circuit. It has auto-answer option. But it has an USB port to connect the headset.If i want to use it, is it ok if cut one of the ear phones and connect the wire at the 2nd pin of DTMF IC? The next thing is what is the significance of word "RING" written at the ground in the circuit
if we use 6v ,4.5ah battery ,the microcontroller will damage .so i want to connect 5v regulator in series with battery . can u suggest it?