This project shows you how to build a device that tracks GPS location, sends data via a Skywire cellular connection to the cloud, and plots the GPS coordinates on a cloud connected trail map that is accessible from any computer or smart-phone in the world.

Step 1: Collect the hardware

This is a list of all the material used in the project:
List of material (all of which is available at Digikey.com)
Part Number ------------- Description
NL-SW-EVDO-V ------- Skywire Cellular modem from NimbeLink
NL-SWAK --------------- Skywire Arduino kit from NimbeLink
MA301.A.AB.001 ------- Magnet Mount Cellular & GPS antenna from Taoglas
CAB.011 ----------------- Two SMA to U.FL cables from Taoglas
A000057 ----------------- Arduino Leonardo Board
102-1092-BL-00100 ---- USB A to Micro B cable
<p>Hey ! Can you send me arduino code, because link is broken. m.m.gieroba@gmail.com Thank you very much ! :) </p>
<p>This would be really neat to have when I go on long motorcycle trips, I could show my wife where I am. Nice work!</p>
<p>hello. i stay in india.</p><p>will it work in india coz the cellular network device is from the US service provider.</p><p>THanks! </p>
This specific setup will only work in regions that have Verizon Wireless Cellular coverage which is mostly the USA. Sorry.

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