Picture of Cellular GPS tracker with Cloud Maps
This project shows you how to build a device that tracks GPS location, sends data via a Skywire cellular connection to the cloud, and plots the GPS coordinates on a cloud connected trail map that is accessible from any computer or smart-phone in the world.
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Step 1: Collect the hardware

Picture of Collect the hardware
This is a list of all the material used in the project:
List of material (all of which is available at
Part Number ------------- Description
NL-SW-EVDO-V ------- Skywire Cellular modem from NimbeLink
NL-SWAK --------------- Skywire Arduino kit from NimbeLink
MA301.A.AB.001 ------- Magnet Mount Cellular & GPS antenna from Taoglas
CAB.011 ----------------- Two SMA to U.FL cables from Taoglas
A000057 ----------------- Arduino Leonardo Board
102-1092-BL-00100 ---- USB A to Micro B cable

Step 2: Connect Antennas

Picture of Connect Antennas
Connect two SMA to U.FL adapter cables to connectors marked X1 and X3 on Skywire EVDO modem.

The SMA end of the cable connects to the antenna cables. One cable is marked GPS the other is GSM.
The cable marked GPS should connect to connector X3 for the GPS connection.
The cable marked GSM should connect to connector X1 for the cellular connection.

Step 3: Assemble Hardware

Picture of Assemble Hardware
Plug Arduino shield into Arduino Leonardo board.
Plug Skywire EVDO modem into Arduino shield like shown on the product website.

Step 4: Create map account

Picture of Create map account
To create the online maps, create a free Exosite Portals account.
1) Create a free "Community" portal account here:
2) As part of the account creation process, you have to validate your email address.
3) Once its activated, log in to the Exosite portals account.

Step 5: Add the device

Picture of Add the device
1) Click the "Devices" item in the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

Step 6: Device Setup - Device Type

Picture of Device Setup - Device Type
Select "Generic Device" option.

Step 7: Device Setup - Device Setup

Picture of Device Setup - Device Setup
On this page, choose 'generic' and your desired timezone.
Leave the "Device Location" field blank.
Click continue and then Submit on the next page.

Step 8: Device List

Picture of Device List
When you get to the device list view, click on the new GPS Device.

Step 9: Device Information View

Picture of Device Information View
Copy the CIK value or write it down somewhere because you need that later. The CIK uniquely identifies your device from all the other devices on Exosite's server. When you report data to Exosite, you must reference the CIK value.

Then click "Add Data Source"
maria.gieroba2 months ago

Hey ! Can you send me arduino code, because link is broken. Thank you very much ! :)

This would be really neat to have when I go on long motorcycle trips, I could show my wife where I am. Nice work!

aayoush6661 year ago

hello. i stay in india.

will it work in india coz the cellular network device is from the US service provider.


KurtDiver (author)  aayoush6661 year ago
This specific setup will only work in regions that have Verizon Wireless Cellular coverage which is mostly the USA. Sorry.