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Introduction: Celtic Cube Carving

This cube was truly a work of frustration and love. The following is a VERY condensed description of how I got to the end result. 

The whole project took about 80 hours hands on time, but over 2 months to complete because I had to put it down or I would have thrown the thing at a wall out of frustration.

The first thing I did was try to explain to friends and family what I planned to do. Which in a nut shell was to carve a block within a block of wood. I got a lot of "Yeah right"s, and "There is NO way!"s. But that only fueled the fire in me to prove 'em wrong..

I started with a solid block of wood.
Then carved four of the sides into the Triquetra. The two other ends were carved into the Tree of Life. All of the sides were carved to the thickness that I wanted all of the walls to be. Then the frustrating carving on the inside of the block began. I kept one side attached so I didn't have to chase the inside block around getting it to the size I wanted. When I was pretty close, I carved the last side of the inner block away from the last wall. Then I chased the inner block around carving it trying to make the inner cube even on all sides. 

Then I put a natural finish on the inner cube and stained the outside.

The end result was a small inner cube inside a larger cube. It rattles around freely inside. (And they said it couldn't be done...)

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    This is all wood right? I'm in a rush so didn't have time to read everything but if so, I would LOVE to know what kind of wood - And the best knife to get such details. And last, what type of lacquer or whatever you use to make it shine and glisten?!? Haha thanks for any info!!
    [ Just about to start my first project, and I honestly feel like saving money this Xmas and making EVERYONE a nice wood carving - Fav animals, zodiacs, whatever I know they'll like.....Now, I'm a perfectionist so the more detailed the better. Do you have a YouTube page I could watch and follow along?? I appreciate any info., Thx Again..!! ]

    Well done, it is damn impressive. I don't think I would undertake such a project

    where do you get your wood from


    Well done! A true work of Celtic art! It reminds me a bit of some the work by an Irish wood carver named Michael Quirke, of Sligo. Google "Michael Quirk Sligo" and you'll find some of his creations.

    thats freakin amazing!!!!!!!!! i wish i could do that!!!!!!

    Could you put a 'How to' up please?

    This is very cool. I was in Hong Kong and seen a monk make something similar out of bone. Go raibh maith agat! (Thank You)

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    Thank you very much!

    I just learned the art form that this is similar to is "Netsuke" (Pronounced: Net ski) everything there is measured in mm's and cm's.
    It originates in Japan and the pieces were carved to cinch cords on kimono's...

    I personally don't think this comes even close. If you would like to see something really impressive and something I would love to aspire to in my carvings check out this website. http://www.cornelschneider.ch/

    I was blown away and really humbled!

    Again Thank you! - Tina
    By the way, was that Gaelic for "Thank you"? I am interested in learning the language and am curious! P.S. I'm working on another Celtic themed piece I will post when I'm done!

    It looks absolutely stunning! My favorite is the tree side.

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    Thanks! The tree side was where my idea originated really. "Tree of Life" and the whole Celtic theme followed...

    It's beautiful ^^

    That is very cool. I'd love to make something like that for a paperweight or just decoration.

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    My cube is really sturdy, but it is also very light. So decoration and conversation piece is probably all it's good for.. :) Thank you for commenting!

    This is as inspiring for the tremendous commitment that it clearly required, as it is for its beauty. Impressive.

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    Thank you! That is very nice of you to say... If you are inspired to try something like this Id like to see what you come up with!

    Amazing! I admire your determination, this really is a great piece. what kind of wood and carving tools did you use?

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    Thank You. I'm sure you understand, (being crafty yourself :) ) that as frustrating and painful a process as this was, it was therapy for me.

    The wood was Bass wood. And the tools were many.The bulk of the carving was done with a Foredom Micromotor handpiece which is like a Dremel but lighter and quieter. (I LOVE that thing!) I also used very small wood rasps and micro files.

    Then a whole lot of sanding. I shopped around trying to find things that would work as I went and found a company that specializes in hobby model trains. They have a lot of specialized small/miniature tools. The Company is MicroMark. I recommend them highly.

    I didn't really convey the size in the write up but the whole thing is approximately 2x2x2 inches square, so I had to use very small tools.

    Thanks again for the kind words! I'm off to look at your 'ibles.

    I am blown away! This is fantastic! I am very glad you didn't throw it out the window!! You have one of my votes for the I made it contest, keep up the great work!

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    Thank you, you are very kind. I think it may have survived the throw out the window... but against the wall it would have no chance! Thanks for the vote. Right back at cha!