Picture of Celtic Knit Handbag
This felted handbag is sturdy and knits up quickly.

I used Patons merino because I had some in my stash, but it would knit up just as nicely with Lion Brand Felting.

This is an original design by moi. You can get the pattern at cozycoleman.etsy.com
I love it!

rai2fai26 years ago
This bag is absolutely beautiful!!! Great work! :)
Your Celtic knot looks great!
It's beautiful! That would make a perfect gift for a friend of mine; you've inspired me! Flawless work!
Cees7 years ago
It's awesome! I love the color and shape and especially the strap. Is it felted?
cozycoleman (author)  Cees7 years ago
yes. it is felted
Great job, the swirly thing looks cool.