Step 3: Painting the Rebar

One problem with iron-reinforced cement construction is that the iron can rust, expand and break the cement.   To help minimize that problem and add longevity to projects, I paint the rebar now.   Best is to use a coat of rusty metal primer, and then a good rust paint top coat.  

Painting rebar with a brush can be very tedious work, so I invented a way to run the smooth 1/4 inch rebar through a paint bath to quickly paint it.  The dip tank is made of 3/4" PVC pipe.  The rebar enters one end, is forced to pass through the paint, and when it exits the other end, it passes through a silicone rubber tip that scrapes the excess paint off and keeps it inside the dip reservoir.    (See:  http://www.instructables.com/id/Put-a-Rounded-Roof-on-a-Square-House/step2/Painting-the-Rebar ). 

For heavier rebar with the textured surface, I put it on a waist-high work rack and paint them with a small paint roller.   

The 3/4" EMT drying rack is made of welded "H" sections of pipe with vertical "hinge pins" to connect them.  The units can be reassembled into other configurations for craft fair displays, etc.  
Beekeeper3 years ago
I remember once seeing a painting set-up for long thin stuff where the metal was passed between two pieces of carpet soaked in paint. Quite how the paint was replenished in the carpet I cannot remember - or maybe the metal went through a paint bath and then through the carpet which removed the excess and replenished the carpet at the same time.