Step 8: "Painting" the Structure

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I have found that, indoors, spiders don't like raw cement.  If you paint the interior with house paint, the spiders come and you have cobwebs to deal with.   I just mix cement (gray or white cement) with powdered pigments (sold for tinting cement) and use that instead of paint.  It lasts a lot longer and is a lot cheaper than regular paint.  

I hate elastomeric roof sealers.  Once you paint your roof with elastomeric sealer you can never get cement to stick to the roof again and you are trapped into potential elastomeric nightmares over time.   Instead, I use a cement base sealer called Thoroseal.  It never peals or blisters, but does weather away gradually from sun and rain.  The Thoroseal is expensive. To protect it, I then put a coat of colored cement over it, like paint.  The colored cement is a cheap, sacrificial layer.  When I see white Thoroseal showing through it, I know it is time to apply more colored cement.  

I use broom heads as brushes to paint with.  For the final touches, I sometimes splatter on more diluted solutions to get mottled color effects.  

For more painting-with-cement info see:    http://www.instructables.com/id/Painting-with-Colored-Cement
First I must say it is very very cool, then I must ask, do you live in a place with building codes and enforcement?

Too bad you didn't do a video as this was so very interesting and well made. I also think adding electrical pvc piping,(or whatever the codes ask for in embedded electrical conduit) inside the structure in a coherent design along with a conduit that terminates inside and just outside the building would let you (or your heirs/new buyers) put in electric. Also if you used galvanized pipe and mud boxes they last forever and will become structural.

If I could get away with it I would build a small out building like that, but sadly they would come down on me like white on rice where i live (near NYC)

Nice project and plenty of pics, please do a clear video tour of it.

I must also ask did you give it "horns" at the ends on the edges in the front?