Picture of Cement Lazy Susan
I have a corner on my kitchen counter where I keep asorted items that I want to keep neat and easily assessable. A Lazy Susan seemed like the simplest solution, but I wanted it to be sturdy so I didn't have to anchor it to the counter. I had an old CD turntable that I was no longer using, that I could repurpose to be my base. For the top I used a Concrete Stepping Stone that a friend of mine gave me.

Step 1: Repurposing CD turntable

Picture of Repurposing CD turntable
The CD turntable was 2 tiered But all I needed was the bottom. Luckily it came a part with ease.
Nice job; I love Lazy Susans :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
ChrysN2 years ago
Smart, I have a messy corner like that in my kitchen. I could definitely use one of those.