I have been searching on Instructables for a cement battery but couldn't find one.This I found very surprising so I can only assume I missed it(if you know of one or more,please let me know).
For now though lets just assume this is the first one and get started with the instructions. I won't post the instructions to the Magbot pendulum itself because you can find that in one of mine other instructables:

Here's one of my other cement batteries running a Magbot Pendulum.

Step 1: Step One:materials and Tools

These are only the materials you need to make the battery.

-Cement or concrete mix
-Aluminium soda can (but other Aluminium can,pot or vessel work too)
-Copper wire (or tubing,rod and sheet)
-Wires or clip leads
-Bolt with two nuts

-Drill(or sharp item to punch the can)
-Tin snips or rotary tool
-Sanding paper
-Something to stir the cement mix
-Small spoon

Cement is the last thing i would of thought to use to make a battery! how long does it last?
I haven't tried that out yet,some people had their batteries running for months though.

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