Picture of Cemetery fence
How to build a cemetery fence to add some dramatic effects to your front yard.

You will need:
- 1/2" pvc tubes
- wood boards
- glue gun
- 7/8 spade drill
- fence finials: iron cap or other decorative items
- outdoor spray black paint
- stretchable spider web
- pvc/wood saw
- pvc/wood/iron files

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Step 1:

Picture of
Cut the pvc pipes to have the vertical bars of your fence and file the edges

Step 2:

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You can buy some iron fence finials for a nice touch. I bought mine on ebay, for example:

You can also use small christmas balls or any other items that can fit on top of your pvc pipe.

If you use an iron finials, don't forget to file the edge so that the glue can stick.

Step 3:

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Glue all the finials to the pvc pieces with the glue gun. Don't hesitate to add more glue to be sure everything stay in place.
You can have some decorating pattern in your fence like one different finials every other bar.

Step 4:

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Measure your wood board so that the bars are evenly spaced and drill it with your 7/8 spade. The 1/2" pvc pipe will fit nicely.

Hint: if you want to protect the wood (especially if it is very thin) when you drill you can add some tape around it and remove it later.

Step 5:

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Insert all your pvc pieces into 2 wood boards and space them as you want

Step 6:

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Finally protect your floor and paint the fence with your spray paint

Step 7:

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Add your fence to your yard.

- since your pipes are hollow you can stick iron bar into the ground and insert them into the fence
- if you feel your fence is not sturdy enough you can add an extra wood piece, and paint it in black like in the photos
- Finally add randomly spider web around the fence

Enjoy, mouahahahahhhhh
bajablue2 years ago
I love this... and not just for Halloween, either! It could be customized for inexpensive and EASY landscaping for a small garden. BRILLIANT!!!!