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Introduction: Centerline Marker "I Made It at TechShop"

About: I am an intermediate woodworker. I also enjoy wood carving, but I am just getting started. I am currently a member of TechShop and this is where most of my work is done. Check out the site. It is a wonderful...

This is a quick and easy project. This little tool will help you find the center of a board each and every time with no measuring. You can make this out of any scrap piece of wood in your shop. I made this in a matter of approximately 30 minutes at using the compound miter saw and the drill press.

Step 1: Use Any Piece of Scrap Wood

You can use any piece of scrap wood you have laying around the shop. I used a 1" x 1 1/2" x 4" piece of leftover poplar I had from my love spoon carvings.

Step 2: Hardware Used

I purchased the hardware at Lowes for approximately $3.00. You coul also use wooden dowels instead of the aluminum posts.

Step 3: Drill Your Holes

Start by drilling a center hole large enough for a #2 pencil. Then drill a hole 1/2" from each end for your aluminum posts or wooden dowels. Finally, you will drill a hole in the side for your eye bolt. This will be used to clamp your pencil in place.

Step 4: Mount Your Hardware

Once you have all the holes drilled, you can then mount your hardware. The tool is then ready to use. All you need to do is set the tool onto a board and twist left or right. This will place the pencil in the center of the board. Quick and easy.

I made this project at using their tools, but you can make this in your own shop in no time at all.



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    Simple yet effective !

    Wow this is gobsmacking brilliant. I bet, like me, every reader is, has or is planning to make their own jig.

    I love the combination of clever design, simplicity of construction and recycling scrap materials into a valued shop tool. Thank you so much. You deserve an award!

    Awesome! Very handy.

    This is awesome, I will definitely be making one soon

    Nice. Shop made marking tools save a ton of time. Mine is made from a Poplar cut off and Oak dowel scraps. Pencil is just a tight friction fit.

    04 Assembled.JPG

    very cool made one today with some spare time I love stuff like this


    Good one! Thank you for putting this on-line.

    This is genius!

    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing.

    Oh, is that ever clever. Nice!