Step 9: Finished

The maiden voyage.

The system has worked great for 3.5 years now. It is well used and abused, and it keeps on ticking.

Good luck planning and installing your own system.
hitachi84 years ago
Super job, 10/10.
Mr Steve4 years ago
I may have missed something. Did you icorporate electric into the install for the power head?
downs7 years ago
so you have to go into your nasty crawl space every time you change the bag? i hope you don't have to crawl down there.
Mr Steve downs4 years ago
How do you know their crawl space is nasty? Looks like a bucket not a bag.
I like this project my husband and i are building our house out in texas this is a project that i can see happening lol good work
rowlands6 years ago
Great Instructable!! I have been wanting to put in a central vac for years, but with the cutting of lathe, plaster and then fixing the mess I've let the idea go. Lazy has taken over ambition. ;(
InspectorD7 years ago
Nice job! I've installed many of these in new construction along with the plumbing. Never as a retrofit. My similar task was to retrofit HVAC systems in older homes. Bigger duct work and registers going into lath and plaster. Takes a bit of craftsmanship so I appreciate your well thought out job.