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Introduction: Centrally Heated Snow Fort

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This is how we amuse ourselves in Vermont when the snow flies. The snow was piled up with a skid steer bucket loader, and the snowbank was hollowed out by hand into a cavern with seating for 6 and enough headroom to stand up in. We put an old open fireplace hood in the ceiling with a 4' section of stovepipe, and added a raised fire pit made from an old wheel. A support pillar was made from 5 gallon bucket ice cubes to keep the ceiling from sagging overnight. We made port-hole windows by ramming a stovepipe through the wall and used more 5 gallon molded ice for windows. It looked particularly spectacular at night especially with the sparks from the fire flying out of the chimney.



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    i live in washington state which people would think snows and rains and all that good stuff but where i live, it is a desert.

    eastern Washington I guess? I am in western Washington and all we get is rain.

    This is awesome, I live in Boston and we have gotten 7ft of snow in 3 weeks now I know what to do with it. Can't beat it may as well enjoy

    In phoenix we measure snow in... wait we don't measure snow.

    there was a couple of kids a few years ago that got plowed while in the fort

    I would love to do this! Too bad I live in Florida. :(

    Move to Wisconsin! Up here we measure snow in feet, not inches

    In Arkansas we measure snow in centimeters!!!!

    In denmark we mesure in meter (about 2foot)