The sculpture in this demo is called "The Snarl". It shows a fisherman on a wharf, holding a tangle of lobster trap lines ( locally called a snarl ) with a none-too-happy expression on his face. Buoys and a "folk art" seagull complete the scene.

Small figures can be made solid but larger ones should be hollow to reduce the risk of moisture being trapped in the clay and exploding in the kiln.

There are several ways to accomplish the hollow figure.

This instructable is on a method I like to use.

The sculpt is based on a figure that would be 12 inches tall if he were standing erect.

Step 1: The Wood Armature

I begin with a wood armature.

I work out the size of each successive body part for the height I would like to have. The proportions are usually based on my own measurements. Small dowels or sticks can then be cut and glued together with hot glue or any other type of glue.

I strengthen the joints with masking tape.

So ... the shin bone connects to the leg bone, the leg bone connects to the hip bone ... and so on.

And I have a stick man.

OMG this is AMAZING thanks for putting this on here!!
<p>This is incredible! Thanks for sharing your process!</p>
<p>You are welcome. Thanks for commenting.</p>

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