Ceramic Tile Pendant Necklace - Song Sparrow





Introduction: Ceramic Tile Pendant Necklace - Song Sparrow

The tile is from the home improvement store. It came on a 12X12 piece of rectangular white and black square tiles. I don't know if is meant for walls or floors. The tiles are about the size of a domino and work wonderfully for jewelry.

After sizing and printing the image on presentation paper, I applied two coats of varnish with a sponge. Once dry, I pressed the paper onto two sided tacky paper and then cut out the size I needed to fit my tile. I then exposed the tacky side and carefully placed my image onto the tile. I used a bone folder to press all the edges down. I added some seed beads for dimension and interest.

If you do not have time to create your own tile, this one is available in my Etsy Shop.



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Very sweet. I had not heard of two sided tacky paper before! How did you turn this into a pendant?

I use a metal "photo turn" from the scrapbook department as a bail. You could probably use a bail from the jewelry department instead but I like to use what I have on hand. I attach that to the back of the tile with dimensional glue (Ranger). I then cover the back with scrapbook paper cut to the size of the tile. Voila...you have a two sided pendant ready to hang on a chain.