Picture of Ceramic and Wood Clothing Rack
This a wonderful gift to give to just about anyone on your list.  Not only is it fun to give or receive, but it is also fun to make. 
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Step 1: Supplies for Ceramics

Picture of Supplies for Ceramics
These are the supplies for the ceramic hook part of the project. 
Clay (I used white grog, low fire)
clay cutter
underglazes and clear over glaze. 
access to a kiln.

Step 2: Supplies for Wood

Picture of Supplies for Wood
wood board 24"X5" I used pine because it is fairly soft and easy to work with. 
strap hangers
minwax polycrylic

Step 3: Begin making the Hooks

Picture of Begin making the Hooks
Using a chunk of clay about the size of a baseball begin to create the hook. I like to make faces and then pull the nose shape to create the actual hook. I say pull the nose because if you do it that way the hook is stronger then if you shape the nose seperate and then attach it. One of the hooks has the chin as a hook, I made that one the same way by pulling the clay.

Step 4:

Picture of
I use my thumbs to create the nostrils. The nose (or chin) needs to be turned up a bit. If it is straight whatever you hang on the hook has a tendency to fall off!

Step 5:

Picture of
Continue making the features, I pressed indentations into the clay for eyes, then rolled two smaller balls of clay for the eyeballs. I used slip (liquid clay) to attach the clay. 

Step 6:

Picture of
Using a sharp pencil I poked into the clay to make a pupil. 

Step 7:

Picture of
Use the pencil to make a hole in the forhead to screw the hook to the wood. 

Step 8:

Picture of
I manipulated the clay a little to create the mouth and chin. 

Step 9:

Picture of
The clay needs to get completely dry and then fired in the kiln to bisque. Use underglazes to decorate the hooks. 

Step 10:

Picture of

Step 11:

Picture of
Then using clear glaze,  glaze the hooks and re fire.

Step 12: Wood

Picture of Wood
While the clay pieces are progressing prepare the wood. First sand all edges. 

Step 13:

Picture of
Polycrylic board several coats, follow directions
 on can. 

Step 14:

Picture of
On the back side of the board, measure 3.4" from top of wood and 1" from end. 

Step 15:

Picture of
Screw a strap hanger to each end of the rack. 

Step 16:

Picture of
Space your hooks on the front side of the wood and screw them on.

Step 17: Hang the clothing rack

Picture of Hang the clothing rack

Step 18:

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Step 19:

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Step 20:

Picture of

Step 21:

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Step 22:

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poofrabbit2 years ago
Susan I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I am going to use this as a project at the camp where I spend my summers if that's cool with you? I'll take pictures of the kids work and post back here. Simply adorable! (and brilliant)
Susan Cirigliano (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Great! so much fun to have access to a kiln, hope you have a wonderful summer!
bajablue2 years ago
No access to a kiln... (woe is me)... but these hangers are about as cute as it gets!
Susan Cirigliano (author)  bajablue2 years ago
OHHH NOOO, I never tried to make them using air dry clay but it is a possibility. Some air dry clay is so good and it dries like concrete! You could paint it (probably want to poly spray it to seal the paint) and attach it to the board the same way I did with the ceramic pieces. just be a little careful of how heavy the items are that you hang from the hooks!
Thanks for the comment!
Did a quick search... "Air Dry" clay is quite do-able! Thanks for the suggestion!!!
Susan Cirigliano (author)  bajablue2 years ago
awesome! have fun