Step 6: Step 6-Drilling Hole for Circle Jig

After drilling holes for the bat pins, now you need to drill a hole in the center of the bat HALF WAY THROUGH with a 1/4" forstner bit.  This is where the bat will pivot on the circle jig like a compass.  If you are not using a band saw and a circle jig, you can skip this step.  Use a compass from the center point to draw a circle the size of the bat you want and cut it out with a jig saw and sand the edges clean.
A long time ago in a land far, far away, One of my Manufacturing classes made bats for our ceramics department in exactly the same manner. We were lucky enough to come across a flood of kitchen sink drop outs. (The piece of formica covered particle board that is removed when a kitchen counter top is made.) They were very inexpensive and the formica made for an excellent long lasting surface on which to throw the clay. <br> <br> <br>Very well detailed ible. <br> <br>Mikey <br>
<p>Mikey D, I saw your post &amp; was able to get some from a kitchen sink manufacturer for free &amp; would like to ask you about you making yours. So, does the clay stick well to the formica? Mine are laminate but I thought it wasn't that much different. Did the edges have to be sealed or painted or anything? Lastly, was there anything I should know about cutting them, any dangers or tips or anything (as I have never cut this material before)? They are over 3/4&quot; thick, almost 13/16&quot;, so did you plane them on one side or anything or just use them that thick or were yours more like 1/2&quot;? I know it's been awhile since you posted but any help would be greatly appreciated.</p>
Oh yes, we once had the same thing but they were so nice they all got stolen.
So that's what happened to those. Dirty thieves.
I made a few bats yesterday, and I engraved my name :) No more bat thievery. <br> <br>Whats your opinion on making bats out of plywood? Should I use marine grade? The Acrylic cracks very easily.
oh please, circle cutting jig instructions. I just spent the weekend cutting (routing, sanding &amp; painting) circle tops for cardboard concrete formers as sculpture pedestals. I have a little gadget that works with a spiral cutter, but something for the band saw would be ideal.

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