Picture of Cereal Box Letters
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I have seen these letters in different sizes at craft stores. They can be made for next to nothing using cereal boxes and shredded paper. A great idea would be to spell out "FAMILY" hang the letters on the wall surrounded by photos of your family. Or maybe do the same with "FRIENDS". What about the title of your favorite song? Use your imagination and decorate your space

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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You will need several Cereal boxes. scissors, measuring tape, hot glue gun and glue sticks. Brown paper bags and decopauge glue.

Barisim5 months ago

You can melt candles in it :)

SpankyO1 year ago

That's So Cool. And ya can put anything in it ? how about individual snacks and giving the initials for a gift, or some kind of party or get together of friends.. If its filled with candy it will keep it out of the eye shot of kids until ready! you could make a door on the back side to get the filling /stuffing out. This is A WONDERFUL IDEA.. Lots of uses.. Thank you for sharing

elewis031 year ago

I appreciate your craftsmanship! Very cool indeed.

Love this idea and it's practically free!