Picture of Cereal Box Mini Boxes by Valerie
This craft came about when flipping through olden times craft books, and I saw 'how to make a hat box'. The hat box they showed required cutting about 400 tabs on the outside of each piece of heavy card stock and securing them together with glue and then bias that was glued around the decorative paper the entire box was flawlessly covered in. I sat there for about an hour thinking, there has to be an easier way to do this craft, when it hit me.... sew it! So I set out to make a hat box in miniature out of old cereal boxes (the best card stock around).

Step 1: Supplies you will need.

Picture of Supplies you will need.
A pen
a needle
thick embroidery thread
a small hole punch
an old cereal box

greentrees1 year ago

Very clever idea :)

princesszmd4 years ago
wisk7784 years ago
The sewing in step six is easier to understands once you realize she is just using a knot in middle of the front the front and back to tack the bottom in place so things don't get misshapen as she sews. This is very helpfull if the holes in the side aren't perfectly alligned with the holes on the bottom, which they usually aren't. Neat project Bluerosemama, classy too.
whopoder5 years ago
Creative! And perfect box to a gift ; )
ChrysN6 years ago
Pretty box! Sewing cardboard, that's really cool.
BlueRoseMama (author) 6 years ago
I set the round of cardboard on the top (both with holes in them) and tied the front center holes together with the string... then did the same to the back center. Then I started at one of those, and sewed around until I got to the other side. Tied it off, and then continued around again. Maybe pictures would help??? Let me know. Thanks for the comment! Val
loximuthal6 years ago
Fantastic! My only problem is that I can't quite follow your instructions in step 6. Maybe if I understood "I tied a middle hole to the back next to the seam" the rest would follow?