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Yeah that's right

Step 1: The best comes last

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Have you caught yourself pounding down a bowl of cereal when all you really want is that sweet, delicious milk at the end? Why not have exactly what you want, and hot too!

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Shrimp241 month ago
You sir. Are HILARIOUS! Love the idea too. I will take you up on your drink offer maybe over a cup of cereal tea.
karei11 months ago

This is pretty much the most whimsically hilarious thing. <3

Ur brilliant! Ppl will think I'm crazy if I ask them if they want fruit loops or coco pebble tea! I love it!
gr8nesisme1 year ago
Best idea ever
I love the milk at the end of my cereal its like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
coke_poker1 year ago
Pure Genius
evacooper1 year ago

i love your writing style! personally i'm not a fan of the sweetened milk, but my husband likes to add it to his coffee!

sbrewster11 year ago
Makin a little cereal milk makin a little cereal milk
Although it's not something I would ever do, as the only sweetened cereal I like is Hershey's which I eat ONLY with vanilla almond milk & a large dollop of frozen Cool Hwip, but I digress....
I thought it looked interesting anyway so I looked. You are SUCH a good "describer" & funny to boot!!! Let's just say I've had Instructables on my phone for 3 months now, and this is the FIRST time I've favorited one!!!!!

Was "Hwip" a typo or a Family Guy reference? LOL

Oooooh- so glad you noticed! I sometimes drop references to see who ELSE is cool......lmfao
That was one of my favorite FG "bits", along with Stewie-to-Brian's
"...you know...that NOVEL you've been workin on?" LOL
CurtR1 year ago

Good instructable. You didn't say what you do with the tea you remove from the bag, hopefully you use it to make some real tea. Another possibility is to make a tea bag from a coffee filter. They are a little less porous but should work equally as well.

Ezara1 year ago

Very cute.

psavas1 year ago

Why just stop with cereal? I think you could do this with candy canes, or mints, or other hard candy, or...well, use your imagination!

bmoore381 year ago
You, sir, are a genius. That is all!
etywoniak1 year ago

Well, too bad I'm 'only' making a tea machine out of scratch! This instructable is so well written it makes me want to print it and dunk it in milk.

Silly and wonderful.

Thank you.

Do more.

This cracks me up. But seems so perfect.

KWDragon1 year ago

Brilliant! I know what goes in the next care box to my hubby!

I didn't know how badly I wanted this until I saw it. Also as other people have mentioned, great writing! I wish I knew you!
kilofeenix1 year ago
but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it's not okay because if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire...


Love this!! Must make some for my friends. Kudos for excellent writing as well!
Helder4u1 year ago

Very nice and fun, great follow thru.

Although I recommend care with what staples You use for this - They may contain unhealthy skin treatment against rust and that may be poisonous in combination with warm drinks.

jooly41 year ago

Fun 'structable!

supereric1 year ago
Love the box turned into a tea dispenser!
BeSublime1 year ago

Well this is just flippin' fantastic.

lime3D1 year ago

Why not just cut the bags from paper coffee filters?

BrenBren1 year ago

Awesome idea. If anyone is looking to streamline the process, David's Tea sells compostable ones for a reasonable price: ~$10/100 filters. Not quite as sneaky as the way you did it here...

Pattymouth1 year ago

Oh my gosh. You are my new best friend. I'm sharing on facebook!

Pinkly1 year ago

This is hilarious. I like the idea, just not the "hot". Not a fan of hot beverages, but I still think this is clever and funny.


OH!!! that's Look delicious, I'm gonna try to do THAT!!! , Thanks, ou have changed my life Too!

slickniner1 year ago

Dear sir,

the excellence of this project is surpassed only by the excellence of the instructable you have created in order to allow others to bask in its glory. Good show sir, good show.

DM5k1 year ago
NetWt4Lbs1 year ago
ElizaRose11Rain....great reference lol.

This is FANTASTIC!! I must try this someday soon!

order empty teabags on-line they are very cheep

oh my god you have changed my life

This will taste SOOO good
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