Picture of Indoor Chamball
Indoor Chamball is a dodgeball-like sport played in a small indoor court.

If you like what you see here, we've also invented an outdoor team version that includes a new rope swinging mechanic for demolishing your foes. Check it out at .

Object of the Game
Deplete your opponent's points by hitting them with the ball anywhere EXCEPT the elbows to fists and knees to feet .

Let's get started...

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Step 1: Preparation and Supplies

Picture of Preparation and Supplies
Before you can play Indoor Chamball, you need a couple of things.

1.) A size 3 soccer ball. It's like an indoor or kids soccer ball.

2.) A squash court - for a nice tight game with lots of ricochets.
A racquetball court - for a more endurance and strength focused game.

3.) A lot of water...preferably's gonna get hot in there.

4.) OPTIONAL boxing hand wraps to protect your knuckles and wrists.

That's it! Let's Begin.

Step 2: Beginning Play

Picture of Beginning Play
Fundamental Rule
Both players may only hit the ball with the protected places of the body. These are the forearms to fists and knees to toes.

Beginning Play
One player stands in the left starting area and the other player stands in the right. They each have 10 points to start. The older player serves first.

The server tosses the ball up and strikes it at the serving wall above the bottom serving line. As soon as the ball is struck, both players are free to move to any position on the court. The server may not touch the ball again until the other player has done so.

Moving on to Active Play

Step 3: Active Play

Active Play
While the ball is bouncing, it is in Active Play and can be hit by either player after it is touched by the non-server. If at any time the ball stops bouncing and rolls for over three consecutive seconds (roll-out) or stops at all (ball-stop), Active Play stops, and the last player to touch the ball re-serves. If there is a roll-out or a ball-stop after a serve, the non-server becomes the server.

No points are lost for a roll-out or a ball-stop

On to Scoring, the meat of the game!
wow i should suggest this for a PE class
Asca (author)  Gr3at_Whit3_North_Guy3 years ago
That'd be great to see high schoolers engaged in squash court combat.

If you're interested in other invented sports, check out for Outdoor Chamball. It has a similar core rule, but with the addition of having the ball on a rope for a new range of moves in addition to striking.

If you're in the New York City area, you can also come play with us during one of our weekly pickups.
Robil5 years ago
Four of us just played what we called 'Team Chaam', where two teams of two battled against each other in a racquetball court. Each team got 10 points, and all but one rule remained the same- Instead of the ball having to hit a wall between each touch, you could 'pass' it between teammates as long as the ball only touched the protected body areas. The team passing added an interesting new element, as you have to defend against multiple attackers. On the other hand, you have multiple targets :-)
Asca (author)  Robil5 years ago
That's so coincidental! We just recently finished an outdoor team version of chaam (now called cham ball).

Here's a video:

We'll have a new instructable for the outdoor team version soon. It's somewhat similar to what you've described with passing. Now, there's also use of swinging the rope for radial strikes and holding and passing the ball.
suzukisuv5 years ago
Crazy but interesting, thanks.
EPL5 years ago
this game looks awesome. the pure idea of this specific combinatin is genius.
Asca (author) 6 years ago
If any of you guys are around the NYC area, we're going to be playtesting a more accessible outdoor version soon. The rules will change a little bit, but the core of "martial arts meets dodgeball" will remain.
patrick_b6 years ago
What a great game you guys have here. I could see this getting pretty intense. I know that I'm definitely going to get a few friends together to try this out.
rudedohio6 years ago
it looks pretty amusing great idea
That is ARSE-KICKIN! Great game, great Instructable!
midnsun1836 years ago
Sounds like a load of fun!
Robil6 years ago
I've played this 3 times now with my buddy Mike. We play in a racquetball court with a size 4 ball and it's quite a work out. Besides a few blisters on our toes and knuckles, this game hasn't really left us very damaged (much less than I had anticipated). Go out there and play! Watch out for the laser-fast kick to the face from across the court though, that's a killer!
tom66 years ago
ahh yeah ae na mabey nuhy
Head gear... ... ...?
Asca (author)  YummyPancakes6 years ago
if you want. i get hit in the head a lot and it's not that bad. i wear hand wraps because of hitting it there constantly and to keep my wrists straight.
Horny Toad6 years ago
Nice work, this is a great instructable!
Asca (author)  Horny Toad6 years ago
Thanks! We're having a ton of fun playing it. The school we go to is even considering making it a club sport in the fall!
stefaniewu6 years ago
YAY! wanna try this!!! awesome!
Errar6 years ago
Most fun sport EVER!
theophilus6 years ago
PKM6 years ago
That looks pretty cool (except 1:45 in the video.. savage >_<). I like the way the players do those Ong-Bak style blocks with one shin and both forearms, this game might be a good block-and-counter martial arts exercise.
Asca (author)  PKM6 years ago
Totally. The most natural ways to block those unprotected areas are to raise a front leg and put your fists up in front of your face. It automatically starts to look like martial arts because they share similar goals: "hit him where he's weak"
yah, i know the block(7 year's of martial arts exp)
raise the right leg, put your left forearm 45* up and your left one 45* down.
it would be perfect!!! :P
=SMART=6 years ago
Wow this is very good, a great way to use a squash court too ! :P Voted for this + 5stars