Transform a boring T-shirt into something sexy and stylish.Wanna show a little skin? Make a cut out tee and add some chains for a really cool look.

(this is my first Instructable. Please be kind :-D )

Step 1: Draw your cutting lines

Picture of Draw your cutting lines
Turn the t-shirt to the back.
Figure out how deep and how wide you want your cutout to be. Draw a U shape on the back of the shirt.

Why do you look mad? Are you disappointed with the shirt?
shmzng6 years ago
The back of the shirt looks really really good. I totally dig it! =] good job.
jbow7 years ago
Kasaha! Hacking high fashion. It's so cool and you seem to have a special touch. Please design more Instructables, in case later you become famous and unaffordable! +=now 2
Kasasha (author)  jbow7 years ago
Thank you.
sexy sexy i like this very much...i am going to do it at some point...thanks!!!! ps you look great in it!! lol
mikeasaurus7 years ago
Great instructable! I love the decal! Low back shirts are dead sexy
KDCorri7 years ago
Neat! What a nice surprise as someone watches you walk by! Smile, girl - "you done good"!
asyrith7 years ago
"The only thing left now is to wear your new shirt with pride.!" Can we see a pic of you wearing it? It would be nice to get a sense for the whole picture. :)
Kasasha (author)  asyrith7 years ago
Thanks for the input. I added some pics of me wearing the shirt.
asyrith Kasasha7 years ago
Awesome! Looks great! I totally want to make one now. +1 :D
Kasasha (author)  asyrith7 years ago
Thanks I'd love to see it if you do.