Picture of Chain-Chain-change your boring T-shirt!
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Transform a boring T-shirt into something sexy and stylish.Wanna show a little skin? Make a cut out tee and add some chains for a really cool look.

(this is my first Instructable. Please be kind :-D )
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Step 1: Draw your cutting lines

Picture of Draw your cutting lines
Turn the t-shirt to the back.
Figure out how deep and how wide you want your cutout to be. Draw a U shape on the back of the shirt.

Step 2: Cut it Out!

Picture of Cut it Out!
First cut of the neck of the shirt. Then cut out your "U". Make sure to only cut the back.

Step 3: Cut it again

Picture of Cut it again
This where you even out the front neck line of the shirt. The easiest way is to fold the shirt in half. Cut according to how low you want the front of your shirt to be.

Step 4: Links

Picture of Links
Lay the shirt out flat again. I used a cardboard t-shirt form, but any large piece of cardboard will do. Place the shirt over the cardbaord with the back facing up.

Decide how long you want the first chain to be. It helps to try the shirt on to see how it fits your body.

Pin one end of the chain to the top of the shoulder. Stretch the rest of the chain over to where you need it to be.
Pin the other end, and try on again to make sure it fits the way you want.

Cut the chain (or unlink it how ever you like). I added two or three links to the end of each chain, its makes them easier to sew later.

Step 5: Measure it out

Picture of Measure it out
pins n chains.jpg
Measure out a suitable distance between the first cahin and where you want the second one. I placed mine about two inches apart.

Place pins at each point(or make some kind of mark so you know where to sew)

Measure out the rest of the chains. they should gradually get smaller as you reach the bottom of the "U".

Make sure they are not too taut or the shirt will not fall correctly when you wear it.
Why do you look mad? Are you disappointed with the shirt?
shmzng6 years ago
The back of the shirt looks really really good. I totally dig it! =] good job.
jbow7 years ago
Kasaha! Hacking high fashion. It's so cool and you seem to have a special touch. Please design more Instructables, in case later you become famous and unaffordable! +=now 2
Kasasha (author)  jbow7 years ago
Thank you.
sexy sexy i like this very much...i am going to do it at some point...thanks!!!! ps you look great in it!! lol
mikeasaurus7 years ago
Great instructable! I love the decal! Low back shirts are dead sexy
KDCorri7 years ago
Neat! What a nice surprise as someone watches you walk by! Smile, girl - "you done good"!
asyrith7 years ago
"The only thing left now is to wear your new shirt with pride.!" Can we see a pic of you wearing it? It would be nice to get a sense for the whole picture. :)
Kasasha (author)  asyrith7 years ago
Thanks for the input. I added some pics of me wearing the shirt.
asyrith Kasasha7 years ago
Awesome! Looks great! I totally want to make one now. +1 :D
Kasasha (author)  asyrith7 years ago
Thanks I'd love to see it if you do.