Picture of Chain Mail Hand Flowers
Girls, need to add some flare to your Renaissance Festival costumes? Hand Flowers are  interesting and very versatile and will give your costume fantastic character. They are easy to make and inexpensive and can be whatever colors you choose. In staying with the Reniassance theme I chose colors that frequently show up in the era. Gold, mankind's all time favorite, and a richly blue.
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need

IMPORTANT: To avoid mathematical confusion, this list is only for making one hand flower. If you wish to make two then double the materials and repeat the instructable.

  • 60 blue 10mm aluminum jump rings*
  • 42 gold 10mm aluminum jump rings*
  • At least 6 small jump rings
  • Lengths of matching chain
  • Pliers for the small jumprings
  • Cutters for the chain

*ring count will vary with the size of your hand flower so be sure to have extra in case you need to largen it for a proper fit.

Step 2: The Triangle

Picture of The Triangle
First, make what you see that is colored in the picture. Start with the single blue ring and add two gold rings to it. Continue this process adding rings one at a time until you have a triangle, seven rings across by seven rings deep.

Step 3: The Base Chain

Picture of The Base Chain
25 4-in-1.bmp
25 4-in-1 - Copy.bmp
In this step we are making the colored bracelet piece of the hand flower. Start with four blue rings in a gold ring.

Then put one gold ring through the two right blue rings making it look like the first gold ring and add two blue rings before closing. Continue this pattern until your chain is long enough to go around your wrist.

Step 4: Connect the bracelet to the triangle

Picture of Connect the bracelet to the triangle
Add the two together with a single row of rings. Make sure the blue rings match and are laying the same way and that your triangle is centered on the bracelet.
This is really pretty and I love the look of it just connected to itself to clasp it! I can only imagine how frustrated it would make me trying to put it on :) Is there a certain place you like to buy your jump rings?
Shadow Ranger (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
I bought these particular rings at Joann's fabrics in Georgia. They're Darice brandname. I don't have a certain place I just shop around and see if I find anything I like.
I made these for my friend because she wanted something different to wear to the Renaissance Festival. I had already made a rather heavy chain mail shirt for myself and she wanted to match my audacious aura and yet still be girly. These seemed to be a great sollution.
Really you can use the general knowledge taught in this instructable (and on the net) to make whatever design you want. Be creative; that's what instructables is all about! :D
Cool, cool. I wasn't sure if there were only specific ones you liked to use or just whatever :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!