Chain Mail Jewelery





Introduction: Chain Mail Jewelery

Uses these,
add this,
and some of those 
and this is what you get!

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Can you make a full instructable for this please or at least tell me what size you used

looks like 3/16 ID in the 4 in 1 weave. Just a off hand guess

What weave do you use in all of these? And what kind of materials? Obviously anodized aluminum, but do you also gt bright aluminum or stainless steel or what? Also do you use those rubber rings a lot? I started chainmail and have made 2 bracelets out of bright aluminum (it was cheapest for my first time) but I really like it and these bracelets look great. I think I did some more complicated stuff though, the box weave and the captive orbital, both with 18g 3/32, I think that's what it's called. What size rings do you use? Sorry for all the questions :)

DEFINATELY NOT 3/32nds. I used 3/16. I just found out how small 3/32 is :)

What's wrong with 3/32? I make Byzantine chains out of it all the time (22g 3/32)!

what weave did u use

did you buy the maille in that colour or did you colour it yourself?

I buy the jump rings pre-anodized!

Ill be at the barnstable county fair this summer if anyone would like to purchase!