Chain Rubber Band Bracelet on Fun Loom!





Introduction: Chain Rubber Band Bracelet on Fun Loom!

You will need:

~Fun Loom


~Rubber band elastics

~S or C clip

Step 1: What You Need

~Fun Loom


~Rubber band elastics

Step 2: Setting Up Your Loom

Make sure the little pegs are facing away from you.

Step 3: Placing the Bands

You must put the bands on only one row all the way to the top. (TIP: Make sure the bands aren't twisted for a better result)

Step 4: Doing the Work

Now turn your loom around, pick up your hook, and go to the second rubber band, and pick it up from the bottom and bring it over to the peg in front of it.

Step 5: Keep on Going!

Now you will want to do this until you get to the end of the loom.

Step 6: Taking It Off and S or C Clip

You want to put your S or C clip on the first band you did NOT move at first. (Unless you need a longer braclet which will be explained in the next step) Then you gently pull the bracelet off.

Step 7: If You Need It Longer

Take the bracelet off the loom and then put how many more rubber band's you need to fit your wrist. Then you take the end of the bracelet (the side you ended at) and put it on the rubber bands newly put down. Keep making the bracelet! When you're done, take it off gently and put the S or C clip on the first band you started with at first.

Step 8: You're Done!



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    i go to walmart or walgreens for more

    I like the colours you used:)