Chain Decorated Pathing (K'nex)




Introduction: Chain Decorated Pathing (K'nex)

Hi guys!!

This is a little path i thought of while fiddling around with a lift.
As the ball (any size) passes through it makes the chains wobble for a decorative effect!

Doesn't use many parts and i'm not going to bother doing an ible because it's so easy to make from the pics.

I know it's not that amazing but don't be harsh/hate on it!

Thanks for reading, MM8



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nice its like a car wash

 not that bad... maybe you should make lots of little rollercoaster bits like this, and post them all in the same slideshow.

ive only got micro pathing for coasters!

and i lost the wheel i need for the lift

ive only got like a one foot of micro chain!

ive got a load of the big chain though and i just got an idea!

 Good! add it! oh and BTW isn't it like 3 in the morning in the USA?