Hi guys!!

This is a little path i thought of while fiddling around with a lift.
As the ball (any size) passes through it makes the chains wobble for a decorative effect!

Doesn't use many parts and i'm not going to bother doing an ible because it's so easy to make from the pics.

I know it's not that amazing but don't be harsh/hate on it!

Thanks for reading, MM8
nice its like a car wash
Nice idea!!! I like it, 4.5*s :D
No problem :D
 not that bad... maybe you should make lots of little rollercoaster bits like this, and post them all in the same slideshow.
ive only got micro pathing for coasters!<br /> <br /> and i lost the wheel i need for the lift<br />
&nbsp;Make it crank then!
ive only got like a one foot of micro chain!<br /> <br /> ive got a load of the big chain though and i just got an idea!<br />
&nbsp;Good! add it! oh and BTW isn't it like 3 in the morning in the USA?
im english! <br /> <br /> you?<br />
Same, but I live in australia. I think&nbsp;I'm 11hours ahead of you. Whereabouts?
cool<br />
Hmm, not bad! 5*s lol (Yes i love to 5* lol!)<br />
thanks<br />
lol no problem<br />
thank<br />
Ok, it is alright.
Nice!!!<br />
1st comment, also, good idea.

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