Chain Maille Jewelry - Lucky 7 Möbius Ring





Introduction: Chain Maille Jewelry - Lucky 7 Möbius Ring

This “Lucky 7 Mobiused Ring” comes together quickly and looks great.  Try it in bronze and stainless steel for a challenge or create it in another base metal of your choosing.  Here's what you need to make it:

Ring Sizes:
• 7 rings, size T18 BRNZ (18g 3/8″ / 9.5 mm) for large bronze jump rings
• 2 rings, size I18 BRNZ (18g 13/64″ / 5.2 mm) for medium bronze rings
• 12 – 20 rings, size C20 SSTL (20g 7/64″ / 2.8 mm) for tiny steel jump rings
• 5-10 rings, misc 18ga SSTL sizes for small steel rings (for band). Recommended: between size F18 (18g 5/32″ / 4.0 mm) and I18 (18g 13/64″ / 5.2 mm). See TIP at end of instructions.

To create this project, you will need to pairs of flat-nosed pliers.  Because this project uses metals that can be a bit harder to work with, we recommend a sturdier set of pliers such these Wubbers Medium Flat Nosed pliers.

Step 1:

STEP 1. Scoop a large bronze ring with a medium bronze and close. Close the large bronze ring, too.

Step 2:

STEP 2. With a new open large bronze, begin to create a möbius unit: weave through the medium bronze ring and then cross through the first large bronze as well. Close the second large ring.

Step 3:

STEP 3. With a new large bronze, repeat step 2, except this time weave through both the previous large rings, and close.

Step 4:

STEP 4. Continue adding large rings, being sure to go through the medium bronze and all previous large bronze rings, until all 7 large rings have been added.

Step 5:

STEP 5. Weave a new medium bronze through all 7 large bronze rings and close.

Step 6:

STEP 6. Now create the band. With an 18ga steel ring, scoop up 2 tiny steel rings. Weave through the bronze ring from step 5, and close the steel ring. Close the tiny steel rings, too.

Step 7:

STEP 7. With a new 18ga steel ring, scoop up 2 new tiny steel rings and weave through the previous tiny rings from step 6. Close all the steel rings.

Step 8:

STEP 8. Repeat step 7 until your band can just about reach all the way around your finger.

Step 9:

STEP 9. Add one final steel ring through the previous 2 tiny rings, but instead of scooping up 2 new steel rings, weave the steel ring through the first bronze ring from step 1. Be sure not to twist the band as you do so.

SIZING TIP: You might need to replace one or more of the 18ga rings you used for the band with a slightly smaller or larger ring. Play around until you’ve got the perfect fit.



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    no, JakeRyan - it is spelled maille - the word is derived from the French word for mesh and is a very, very olde (lol) metalworking technique.

    Yep, that's right. Although people do spell it all different ways including chainmail, chain mail, chain maille and chainmaille :)

    What's fun is that now French people struggle to give a name to chainmaille, we usually call it "de la maille" ou "des cottes de maille"but it's not representative.

    So pretty!!

    This is so cool I plan on making in the future