If you make the Chain maille and hate that huge contraption and just want a portable option then look no further than here.

NOTE: This is for chain links that you want very small and for a tight weave!!!!!

 This is my second instructable so feel free to comment about how well i did or if i didnt do a good job so i can improve if needed.

Step 1: WHAT YOU NEED!!!!

Ok all you need is

a peice of copper pipe(i prefer the L shape or T shape fitting it makes it last longer)

A Nail
Like those long and pretty thick nails it must be almost unbendable using bare hands

OR instead of a Nail you can substitute a metal rod your call

A hammer

A hack saw or some thing that can take the head off the nail. you can also use big bolt cutters

Super glue

A hitting surface i have a anvil so im set.

funny thing about this project is you're not too far off from what historical weavers were using as a mandrel. early mandrels looked like 3/8 in (for riveted maille) or 1/4in (for butted maille) dia screwdrivers with no head and a hole in the end to insert the wire into. the wire was held in the left hand and the tool was turned away from the user to get the right handed coil they needed,
actually, Japanese 4-1 is easier..
it might be easier but there's less clothing wise you can do with it. most any weaver will say to start with e4-1.
Hey! Great idea... I like the creative approach in making this &quot;tool&quot; <br> <br>Out of curiosity, what do you use to cut the wound up wire? Just wondering what the best tool for that job would be. <br>
depending on the gauge of wire used, I'd say get some decent wire cutters at your local hardware store and use those..

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