I first found Instructables.com when I was looking for instructions on making a chain maille shirt.  It is therefore appropriate that this weekly challenge is the first I enter and is simply put "Wire."

Materials needed:
16 Ga. galvanized steel wire
Wire cutters
2 pairs of pliers

Extras I used to make things easier:
Home made mandrel
coat hanger


Step 1: Making the rings

I used my mandrel and some hose clamps to create my sp-rings.
Pull a few rounds of wire from your spool. Enough to make a nice foot long spring or so. I use about 15-20 feet at once.
Straighten out your wire to the best of your ability.  Clamp one end onto the dowel rod. 
Hold the wire in a gloved hand loosely but firmly. With the other hand activate the drill. Hopefully yours is speed sensitive.
Turn the dowel with the drill slowly until you have a spring of wire. 
Remove your springs and stand proudly.

This is simply the best chain mail necklace I have ever seen. <br><br>(I wish I had a bestie that would send me one.)
Nice necklace. The evil grin is pretty good too. lol
This is totally cool, My boyfriend and I make a lot of chainmaille pieces using our own rings. We use a bolt cutter to cut our wire. It's a little touch with just wire cutting pliers sometimes but I guess it just depends on the gauge of the wire you use. Currently we are working on a rib cage bit using smaller rings than normal and I just finished a hand rose. Thanks for sharing this ible.
I just finished the coif for my chain maille hoodie.
Methinks that armor is insufficient to stop a weapon strike. Might offer an adversary purchase for a choke hold though.
Looks like DNA
i second this statement!
And I third it!
When I made chain maille, I used a threaded rod for a mandrel, and turned it with a reversible hand drill.
for slightly better ends on your jump rings try cutting the spring with a dremel &amp; cutting weel. teh flat ends are nice to have
If I win the dremel I will do just that.
I had not thought about the DNA factor but yes, it does.<br>
Thanks for sharing! Are you always funny? I love your chain maille necklace. Looks like a winner to me!<br>sunshiine
Thank you and I do try to be. What is the use in life if not to make people happy?
Nice job!
This is great! The necklace almost looks like a double helix.

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