ChainMaille 101: Jens Pind Linkage

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Introduction: ChainMaille 101: Jens Pind Linkage

Jens Pind Linkage, is a common chain used by many jewler companies and jewlers alike. It can be hard to start but once you have it going it is cake. so lets do this!

Color key:
blue = inactive or finished weave
green = active ring
Red = go thru ring(s)

AR information: this weave is !VARY! AR sensitive if you are to small it wont weave and to big and you're just making 4in1 spiral.

Max 3.15
Min 2.7
Recomended AR 2.8

Posible Ring Sizes: (cheat sheet)
0.045 x 0.140
0.032 x 0.093
0.062 x 0.172
0.092 x 0.250

1. First Step is to make a three ring mobius and flatten it like so.
2. Now take the rightmost ring and fold it down.
3. Next, add a ring through the last two rings keeping the ring you folded down, down (so you weave through it backwards basically).
4. Now rotate the weave backwards, and weave the next ring the very same way, around the eye.
5. Once more.
6. Now turn it back to the top, and repeat step three.
7. And once more with step four.
8. And again with five.
you got it: Keep this pattern up over and over and over and over...and you're done.
Good luck and tanks for reading.



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