Picture of __ChainSaw Ur Head__ PhotoShop CS5
Hi Guys , this is all About  a crazy Zombie who trieed to chain saw his head :)
i am  gonna use Photoshop CS5 here ,, which is of great use specially in merging a pic .
if u dont have adobe photoshop go to Adobe.com simple :) ( u might need to spend a lil more )

This zombie trying to cut his head and wanna die  and end up his undead life. he might have seen his gf's head in some dustbin

i always try all-most to start from scratch

Step 1: Getting Started : Open PhotoShop

Picture of Getting Started  : Open PhotoShop
Fullscreen capture 04-Oct-12 50811 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 04-Oct-12 52534 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 04-Oct-12 52016 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 04-Oct-12 52656 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 04-Oct-12 53138 PM.jpg
So Just open Your photoshop CS5 or CS6 , or any photoshop ,tools to be used are same .

Goto File >> New >> height  780 pixels , Width 1024 pixels

i dont have chain saw so i downloaded one picture of  person holding a chainsaw.
if u have a chainsaw come on hold it and ask ur mom to take ur picture n tell her ur gonna cut ur head !! she wont mind !!
(jokes apart : do not switch on ur chainsaw )

>>>one u got ur pic clicked just remove its background using Wand tool, marquee tool, or some other selection tool n press delete to erase pic 

>>> i then downloaded a chainsaw which i feel was good for scene , i brought it  in the scene to match the size and position .

NOTE : Make a duplicate of ur layer which u feel is gone wel n u can perform a mistake later on , also keep ur layers named .

here i duplicated the -man+old chainsaw- layer then i eased the white color from background. and Erased Old chainsaw
I don't know how they judged these things but you should have placed some where...
HollyMann2 years ago
wow you're good. this is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rohit44524 (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Well thank you mam ,,
danlynne072 years ago
wow ,thats neat.
rohit44524 (author)  danlynne072 years ago
thanks you
rbds262 years ago
chainSaw !!! yucKkkKKyyYY ... great concept i thought too make my self a zombie but might not be perfect with chainsaw ..
artworker2 years ago
AWESOME! I think I am gonna puke!
rohit44524 (author)  artworker2 years ago
thanks ARTWORKER :)
jonyman1231 year ago

what kills this for me is that a chainsaw blade does not bend back like that. If you were to take your own photos, one with the chainsaw in front of your face, and one without the chainsaw at all would be better. As long as you are in the same position.

mdahuja2 years ago
awsome work bro.......keep it up...
creepy but best in the world...
romeshverma2 years ago
Great work..!!
I too wana learn this... :)
dsharma182 years ago
nice... n scary...!
rajeshverma2 years ago
awsm.. :)
elusivegirl2 years ago
Good one..!!
elusivegal2 years ago
really nice..!!
rohit44524 (author)  elusivegal2 years ago
thank you
prinkas2 years ago
waoowww..... Amazing work...!!