Picture of Chainlink Braid Paracord Dog Collar

The chainlink braid is a new braid that I came up with, and it's pretty simple. I hope you like it! (Sorry about the blurry pictures, I used a different camera than usual.)

You need 20 feet of paracord, and you will have extra, and 1 buckle.

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Step 1: Get The Main Part Ready

Picture of Get The Main Part Ready
Slip one end of the paracord in to a part of the buckle. Then double knot it.

Step 2: Size it to it's Neck

Picture of Size it to it's Neck
Take the paracord circle, and wrap it aroung it's neck, no this is not animal cruelty. Pull it to the length you want it, then knot it.

Step 3: First Braid

Picture of First Braid

First, make a loop with the long strand under the main part. Then, take the tip of the long strand and pull it over and in the loop. It should look like the last picture.

Step 4: Second braid

Picture of Second braid
Then, make the loop with the long strand over the main part. Stick the end under then through the loop. Continue doing the first then the second, the first, then the second.

Step 5: What it Should Look Like

Picture of What it Should Look Like
This is what it starts to look like if you do the pattern correctly.

Step 6: Finishing Product

Picture of Finishing Product
At the end, wrap the extra cord aroung the collar so it doesn't drag. Hope you and your dog like it! You can also put it on a cat, but I don't have a cat because I like dogs! 
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gmoon4 years ago
Your dog is smiling...
~•SMART•~ (author)  gmoon4 years ago
Ya, he always does. I've never seen him not smile. He rolls that way.
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