Step 1: Prepping

You will need lots of pop tabs. Get as many as you can depending on the project and what you use it for. You will also need tin snips, a pare of pliers, and a sheet of paper (for transporting your creation.)

Step 2: Preparing

Take your tin snips and cut a slit in the large part of the pop tab. Next take your pliers and bend the pop tab on a 45 degree angle. Make sure you do it on the correct side. see the picture. Prep all of your pop tabs now because it will save you time.

Step 3: Assembly

Take three pop tabs and attach 1 of then to the two next to each other. This is really confusing so just look at pictures and If you have any questions ask in the comments.

Step 4: Add On

Make a group of 4 and then you can add on. DON'T MAJE ANOTHER SEPERATE GROUP OF 4 Look at your piece and were ever you see a diamond you could make add it on

Step 5: Transporting

Use your sheet of paper and slide your chain mail on it to prevent tangling
This is my new account name <br/>Sorry had 2 change it<br/>Ps I still made this
And also hahaha lol that would be a great name
I did use all of my photos but the tin snips because I did not have em' handy sorry bout that
Ok, very cool. I have seen a lot of pop top bracelets and maille wannabees but this is the first I have seen woven. I think a slightly better name would be popmaille but that's just me. again I really like it though.

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