Chainmaille 101: Frayed Elven Rope




Introduction: Chainmaille 101: Frayed Elven Rope

Elven Track or Frayed Elven Rope is a single row variation on the Elfweave. And I will cover two variations of it here.

AR : 5.4 -??

Color Key:
Blue = Inactive or finished sections
Green = Active or added Ring(s)
Red = Interpolated or Passed Thru Ring(s)
Yellow = Captive or orbital

Diving right in, start with two 2 in 1 chains of equal length.
Step Two: We need to line them up together like so:
Step Three: Count in two “eyes” and pass your ring through both eyes in the second section and around through the top on the first like so.
Step Four: Mirror this on the opposing side of the chains, moving one eye set forward.
Step Five: Repeat, Repeat, DO IT AGAIN!

Okay Variation :, Restarting with your 2 in 1 chains this time instead of starting off in the second eye start off in the first. HUH I can hear you saying. Because the two chains are mirrored this will create a different outcome of the chain.



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