Picture of Chainmaille 101: Weaves a Plenty

This small i guess small instructable will cover a few basic weaves some intermediate and a advanced or two.

Critical things you need to have and know before starting.
One: Tools, You will need pliers to open and close rings
Two: The Color Key, this key is used throught this instructable

Red: The ring(s) to weave thru.
Blue: The inactive or finished parts of a weave.
Green: the active or unclosed ring you are weaveing into the mesh/chain
Yellow: Orbital captive or pre closed ring.
Purple: Rubber or flexable ring.

Aspect Ratio: is a number driven from the difrance between the rings inner diameter and the wire diameter. we use this number to get a ring size that will work for a given weave. For example, If you want to make Byz you would use a AR or around 3.5 this means if you want to use 0.032 wire you simply multiply the wire size by the AR, 0.032 * 3.5 = 0.112, this tell you that your ID = 0.112. Another example, Say you have 0.25 mandrel for your ID but don't know what wire to use to get AR 3.5. so you divide the 0.25 by the AR of 3.5 this will give you 0.071. now say you made a awesome weave and what to share it with every one and you don't know that AR, well that easy, Divide the ID by the Wire diameter. ID 0.125 WD 0.032 = AR 3.9 One of the more amazing bonus of this added math is that it alows you to scale up or down a weave as well if you know the ID you want to get approximate size say 0.5 wide pice of BB2B and know that it is 4 rings wide you know already that 0.125 is going to be close to ideal ID you just need the wire size. ID 0.125 / AR 3.9 = WD 0.32. now say you don't like that size. and want it more belt sized say around 2in wide. you take your 0.5 ID divide it again by the 3.9 AR and you get a wire size of 0.128. So in summery the Formulas

ID / WD = AR
WD * AR = ID
ID / AR = WD

What weaves are here?

Euro 4in1 unbalanced aka Oops
Byzee Beez to Buterflies
Candy Cain Cord
Celtic Filagree
Fluer De Lis
Celtic Cross
Celtic Dawn
Berjao Flowers
Firemens Hold Link 4
Daisy Chain
Elfen Tracks

That should about cover the introduction, Lets get to weaving shall we.

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watchmeflyy10 months ago

Your explanations are clear and amazingly detailed. Thank you!

craftclarity10 months ago

I really appreciate the level of detail you went into here. Thanks for being so thorough.

XofHope11 months ago

These are really great! Thanks for the detailed graphics and explanations.