Make the most extreme margaritas, daiquiris, and other blended drinks with a gasoline powered chainsaw blender. No one will question your mixology authority with this 37cc two-stroke chainsaw engine, all controlled with real motorcycle handlebars, throttle, and kill switch.

I decided to keep the chain bar and replace the sharp chain teeth with a smooth bicycle chain, even up close you can't really tell the difference. This dangerous blender is sure to delight and excite your party guests.

Ready to terrify the neighborhood? Let's make!

Step 1: Supplies

This Frankenstein's creation mashes up a chainsaw, a blender, and motorcycle throttle assembly. This will work with just about any standard blender, so if you have an old one lying around this would make a fun reuse for it.

Here's the materials I used to make my chainsaw blender:

Coincidentally, both blenders and chainsaws have a clockwise spinning rotation and both motor shafts are left-hand threaded (the opposite of typical threading). The interface between the chainsaw and blender was surprisingly painless, but did require an uncommon left-handed threaded nut.

<p>Groovy project, but to demonstrate bush cred amongst sawyer folk you should be aware that the bar-shaped thing 'pon which the cutting chain rides is known as the &quot;bar&quot;.</p>
<p>Great project. Glad to see it get launched!</p>
&quot;Wedding Contest&quot; haha wow, I voted!
Yup,We found Rambo's Blender.....
<p>This is awesome! When I worked at NASA we had a blender attached to a weed-whacker engine that we dubbed the Daiquiri Whacker. It didn't have the entire weed-whacker still attached to it though! haha</p>
<p>AWESOME! You can prepare some good cocktails, like Sex on the BeAsh, Pi&ntilde;a ColadAsh and Mojitos!<br><br>(WHAT? I'm not good with puns.)</p>
<p>Taught sounds like taut but is different.</p>
<p>Ahhh...</p><p>This is even more <em>uselessly AWESOME</em> than your circular saw centrifuge (If I remember correctly)</p><p>So what are you going to do with the blade now? Make a &quot;Blender Powered Chainsaw&quot;? <img src="https://mail.google.com/mail/e/1f61c" style="color: rgb(34,34,34);font-family: arial , sans-serif;font-size: 12.8px;margin: 0.0px 0.2ex;max-height: 24.0px;"></p>
<p>I like making dangerous DIY. What can I say?</p>
<p>What can you say? Nothing.</p><p>But you might also want to make a chainsaw powered washing machine!</p><p>Don't ask why... A different Instructable inspired me to think of this idea... :)</p>
<p>lovely &lt;3 </p>
<p>Maybe, just maybe, this is why some teachers look at the maker movement as a bad thing...</p><p>This is wrong. Totally cool, but wrong!</p>
<p>yaaaaaaaaassssssss<br><br>too bad Ash didn't have one of these to take the edge off!</p>
<p>Wow, way to take it to the next level. This is why I love this friggen website.</p>
<p>This creation enters you in the exclusive club of MWA - Makers With Attitude.</p><p>You're the only member, btw. Awesome job!</p>
<p>One thumb up! (I cut the other one off...)</p><p>Seriously though... this type of creativity is what the world needs more of. Keep on keepin' on.</p>
<p>YES!</p><p>Chainsaw chaps are a required vestment in order to operate this unholy contraption, correct?</p>
<p>Obviously :)</p>
<p>Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>Right up there with the 'chainsaw dog polisher'. Highly creative.</p>
<p>It LIVES!</p>
Why? Because 'taters! ?<br>Beautiful instructable and Blendo-Hacka-Matic!<br>Dreams were made BECAUSE of creations such as these!<br>...or is it the other way around? I don't know, I don't care... I'm running off to source and build! Wife and children (and that annoying barfly that constantly harasses the DJ to play Wind Beneath My Wings at the worst at times at parties) forgive me!
I'm excited by this beautiful thing! I'm just as excited that somewhere out there, there may be an insanely dangerous bicycle that can cut wood with it's chain.
<p>You're totally mad man. Do you often dream of chainsaws ? Have you been hurt by a chainsaw when you were a kid ?</p><p>What an awesome blender I would have think of it !</p>
Ha! For a moment there I thought your Instructable was titled Chainsaw Blender!... wait a second!
<p>Right up my street! I would not recommend this as a wedding present though. I once built a replica RPG complete with plywood crate and saw dust for the groom. It did not go down well :( but I'll vote for this anyway.</p>
<p>Never stop to ask why, such a silly question might have meant we'd never see this magnificent piece of machinery. Awesome job Mike!</p>
I miss you Mike.
<p>Haha, that is one crazy contraption. Good job!</p>
<p>not bed idea!</p>
<p>I would love to see this at a wedding :D</p>
<p>ahahah EPIC</p>
Tim would definitely approve.
<p>I voted this for the Wedding Entry. Ya never know when you will need it...</p>

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