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First, I want to give you an update.
I am having technical problems, so if you post comments under my instructables, I will not be able to respond to them. But comments are welcome because I love reading them. But if you have a question, or want me to respond to you comment, post it on my orangeboard, and I will try to respond to it the same day or the next day. (Be sure to specify which instructable you are talking about.)

Now, this is my newest craft. I call him chainsaw, and he is my first wire transformer, this will not be a step by step instructable, but I will tell you as much as possible.

I can sum it up in three steps. First of all, I made a posable skeleton. Secondly, I made shapes out of wire and tied them to the skeleton. And last but not least, I wrapped wire around the arms, legs, and other parts that needed it to ad more texture and thickness.
Oh, and I used a roll of a bendable wire that you use to tie trash bags.

Hope you like my creation!


Guess what! I'm not having technical problems anymore! So if you want to comment on my creation, than just go ahead! =D


AssassinzSinpZ (author)2014-04-20

Sooooo cool what kind of wires did you use? Copper? Metal?

It is a thin steel wire, the same wire as you get on a bread bag, except it has a plastic coating. Thanks for your comment! Your the first commenter on this instructable! (:


Lol thnx 4 the info

I was wondering if someone would ask about that, I'm also changing it a little bit to make it even better than before!

How many of these E-Z fold wires did you use?

Well, they were not individual wires, it was a big roll of it, I don't remember the exact length of the wire, but it was a BIG wire, and I used more than half of it on this.

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