Chainsaw, a Wire Transformer


Introduction: Chainsaw, a Wire Transformer

About: My name is James, and I am a hobbyist, amateur CAD designer, and graphic artist!

First, I want to give you an update.
I am having technical problems, so if you post comments under my instructables, I will not be able to respond to them. But comments are welcome because I love reading them. But if you have a question, or want me to respond to you comment, post it on my orangeboard, and I will try to respond to it the same day or the next day. (Be sure to specify which instructable you are talking about.)

Now, this is my newest craft. I call him chainsaw, and he is my first wire transformer, this will not be a step by step instructable, but I will tell you as much as possible.

I can sum it up in three steps. First of all, I made a posable skeleton. Secondly, I made shapes out of wire and tied them to the skeleton. And last but not least, I wrapped wire around the arms, legs, and other parts that needed it to ad more texture and thickness.
Oh, and I used a roll of a bendable wire that you use to tie trash bags.

Hope you like my creation!



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    It is a thin steel wire, the same wire as you get on a bread bag, except it has a plastic coating. Thanks for your comment! Your the first commenter on this instructable! (:


    How many of these E-Z fold wires did you use?

    Well, they were not individual wires, it was a big roll of it, I don't remember the exact length of the wire, but it was a BIG wire, and I used more than half of it on this.