I was bored the other day.

So i dicided to make a stringed instrument out of a mahogany chairleg i had lying around

I decided to go with eyelet tuners.

Heres the first video with fishing line strings:

Heres the chairleg with steel strings:

Hey, if you like it please vote in the Musical Instruments contest!

If i can find another thing suiting for the same kind of makeover, i'll do a step-by-step.

Heres a link for another instructible i made, about a belt strap and a vintage guitar.

Inspiring! As Kiteman said a step-by-step for this would be awesome. Time to rummage through the shop to see what I can make into a stringed instrument.
Dude, you should write up a proper step-by-step for this, it's cool!
i'll see what i can do :) Maybe im going to do it with something else than a chair leg.

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