Picture of Chalk Board Jeans
I have been playing around with Chalk Board paint. I wanted to make something for the kids to enjoy before school starts. I hope this instructable will inspire them to create a pair of Chalk Board jeans! The paint is amazing to work with and has endless possibilities. 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

1 Black Chalk Board paint
1 White Slick paint
Old jeans
Straight edge
Colored Chalk
Damp cloth with mild soap


Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
Straight edge
Paint brushes
Marker or pen
Small shallow container

Step 3: Stensil

Picture of Stensil
chalkboard (17).JPG
chalkboard (34).JPG
​Center the stencil on the pant leg where you want it.
Outline the shape using a pen or marker.
Remove Stencil.

Step 4: Paint Owl

Picture of Paint Owl
Using the Slick paint, outline the owl.
Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 5: Chalk Board

Picture of Chalk Board
chalkboard (53).JPG
I did not have any problems with the paint seeping through the cloth but it might be a good idea to place paper on the inside of the jean leg just to be sure it don't happen.  

Paint the owl inside the (outlined shape, using the Chalk Paint.)
Allow to dry for 1 hour.
Repeat with a 2ND coat of Chalk Paint.
Allow to dry for a few hours.

Step 6: 3RD Coat Of Paint

Paint a 3RD coat of the Chalk Paint.
Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Step 7: Slick Paint

Picture of Slick Paint
Using a piece of chalk lightly rub the chalk over the Chalk Board Paint and avoid chalking the Slick paint areas.
Wipe with a damp cloth moistened with mild soap.

Step 8: The Game

Picture of The Game
001 (2).JPG
You paint the game board the same as the owl design except you will not use a stencil.
Instead just use the straight edge and mark the design with a marker and paint the outline using Slick paint.
Then color inside the blocks using the Chalk paint. 

Step 9: Washable

Picture of Washable
Machine wash cold water.
I did not dry the jeans in the dryer but they probably could be dried that way. 
Turn the jeans inside out prior to washing to keep the paint looking new.
The picture shows the jeans after I washed them. You can see a little distortion only because I did not paint the squares evenly enough using the paint.  
I totally missed this when it was first published. Great idea.
sunshiine (author)  cdawisconsin2 years ago
Thanks! Thanks so much for commenting! Hope your summer is going great!
Cool idea!
sunshiine (author)  Dusk Shadows3 years ago
It's ok
Browncoat3 years ago
That is a RIDICULOUSLY cool idea!!!
sunshiine (author)  Browncoat3 years ago
Thanks! And thanks again! Have a great day!
bajablue3 years ago
Fabulously CLEVER... and "coming soon to a store near you!"
sunshiine (author)  bajablue3 years ago
Thanks, have a fun day!
pecospearl3 years ago
Ditto, love these ideas.
sunshiine (author)  pecospearl3 years ago
Thanks! Hope you catch a pearl today!
artfulann3 years ago
Did you line the inside of the jeans so that the paint didn't go through the fabric?
I would've never thought of using chalkboard paint on fabric! Well done!
sunshiine (author)  artfulann3 years ago
No, I did not. When I washed the jeans I noticed that the paint did not soak through to the wrong side. I think I will suggest it though. Your comment also made em think of something else, washing them inside out to keep the painted area looking nice. Thanks for commenting and have a great day!
rrkrose3 years ago
These are so cute! :)
sunshiine (author)  rrkrose3 years ago
It was so much fun to paint. The jeans are washable by the way. So many ways to design jeans using this awesome paint along with slick paint. Thanks for commenting! Have a great day!
canucksgirl3 years ago
Now that's a creative idea! Nicely done sunshiine. :)
sunshiine (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
Thanks! I appreciate your comment!