Chalk board paint is easy and quite inexpensive to make, plus you can make it in any color.
This would be vey interesting for me if it had subtitles. I can read english, but don't understand it when hear. <br> <br>It is not necessary to write all your speech, only the main parts, or an abstract. Youtube automatic on line transcription is hilarious. <br>
Youtube transcriptions are funny, I am french and the transcriptions never make sense ^_^ <br> <br>As for this project I can write it for you now. =] <br>Mix 240 ml of acrylic paint <br>with 15 gr of non-sanded grout...... That s it ^-^ , when the paint is dry, put some chalk all over the board to condition it and you re done. <br> <br> have a good day!!!!
Thanks for your fast response and kindness.
Oooh I want everything covered in chalkboard!
Me too ha, it is very addictive ^_^

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