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Introduction: Chalk Stencil

This is an image of a stencil done in chalk-powder. I got the idea after my experiment with bleach (& I used the same stencil) as another way of creating street art with-out getting in trouble for vandalising. The fact that it's done in chalk means it will eventually wash or fade away. I think the ephemeral quality of these kinds of art works add to the beauty. I made the powder by grinding down the chalk by hand, not sure if u can buy chalk in this form? Let me kno. Maybe u could just use talcum powder.



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    great stuff, going to try it this weekend! btw what did you cut your stencil out of? and how big is it to get all that tight detail?

    GREAT stencil!, but how is this an instructable?

    Great work, are you in NYC? I would like to pay you to do this with my company logo. Please contact me

    well that's an awesome opportunity.

    Yea it is! Unfortunately I'm not from NYC so I can take it up so if you do stenciling yourself maybe you could hit him up and see if he is still looking for help? :-)

    You could try making a paste of chalk powder and water and using a paint roller to put it on. It should give much more control over the results and cleaner lines.

    ah i love chuck close. brilliant stencil.

    me too, thank you!! :-)

    You can use line chalk from any hardware store and it comes in colors like yellow and red, you can also get some hand chalk for rock climbing. I'm pretty sure hand chalk only comes in white but I believe it would be more expensive probably since it is a special blend generally.

    So is this just powdered chalk. Like did you just kinda throw it on the stencil or like water and chalk?