Picture of Chalkboard Conversation Heart
This large, thick plaster heart decoration looks like a giant piece of the popular Valentine's Day candy and can be used to leave messages of regard for your own sweetheart.  Unlike its small, edible counterparts, this heart can be wiped clean to express a fresh sentiment anytime.

For this project, craft foam is used to create a multi-part mold which is then held together with modeling clay.  The foam creates a nice "matte finish" on the surface of the plaster.  Then paint is mixed with non-sanded tile grout to give it a chalkboard finish in any color of the rainbow.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Large sheet craft foam
Modeling Clay
Copper Wire
Plaster of Paris
Container in which to mix plaster (about 3-4 cups volume)
Plastic Silverware to mix plaster
Laytex Paint (Matte or Eggshell finish) OR Craft Acrylic Paint
Non-Sanded white grout
Fine grit sandpaper