Introduction: Chalkboard Pig Kitchen Decor

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I make this from a papermache piggy bank and i love it!

Step 1: Papermache Piggy Bank

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The before look, I snipped off the tail to get cleaner lines.

You can also use plastic piggy banks. I happened to find a place that sells these and I love its chubby shape.

Step 2:

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Spray paint 2 coats of flat ( matte ) black.

Step 3: Outline With Chalk Pencil

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I use a white chalk pencil I got from sewing supplies store .

Step 4: Draw and Fill in With Chalk Pencil

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I fill it in with food theme words and it's done !


seamster (author)2015-11-18

Very cute little piggy bank! It looks great.

Thank you for sharing this idea! :)

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